Don’t expect to see this at Apple’s WWDC 2019

“Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is still more than a week away, and as usual the internet is rife with posts predicting what we’ll see—or what people would like to see (including this one) — during the next big Apple keynote,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“But even with a two-hour song and dance, Apple can’t show off everything that it’s working on,” Moren writes. “Not only because there’s simply not time, but also because not everything the company’s actively developing is ready for prime time.”

“Some things just won’t make the cut, inevitably spawning a deluge of posts about “I can’t believe Apple didn’t show off [X]” or “No [Y]? Lame!” or the ever-popular ‘Apple is doooooomed,'” Moren writes. “Let’s nip some of those in the bud by running down a quick list of things that Apple probably won’t devote stage time to in San Jose.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to Dan in his 200th Stay Foolish column!

Beyond what we won’t see, here’s hoping that we get beaucoup information on the Mac Pro at WWDC! Dare we hope for a Jony Ive-narrated film, specs, pricing, and a launch date?


  1. MDN, what is most probable is a “preview” of the new Mac Pro as we did with the trashcan Mac Pro many years ago at WWDC 2013. If we get a real announcement with lots of details and a shipping date of full quantity shipments of no later than the end of July most people will be shocked. Truly shocked.

    1. “MDN, what is most probable is a “preview” of the new Mac Pro as we did with the trashcan Mac Pro many years ago at WWDC 2013.”

      I hope your crystal ball is dead wrong because to repeat a historic mistake is unacceptable to the fierce and loyal waiting core users of Apple computers.

      How sad is Apple under Cook that we would be collectively “shocked” if the PRO product and ship date were announced ala Jobs. Speaks volumes how far Apple has fallen.

      Apple owner since my Lisa…

  2. The “new” Mac Pro will continue to be vaporware unless concrete details, photos, specs and release date are revealed at WWDC. If Apple can’t do it then, then when? Vaporware is vaporware, until proven otherwise.

  3. I think this is Tim Cooks last chance to prove he is not all talk and is actually LISTENING to his customers wants/needs. If he fails at this, I will pray for an onslaught to remove him as a CEO. Are you listening Tim? We are not looking for new colors of the same products. We are not looking for new watch bands. We are looking for a shipping date of a product that is 6 year old now, which is embarrassing. Mac Pro and a Mac Display. That is what MANY are going to be looking for in a couple weeks. Our patience is over.

  4. After reading this article, I might as well stay at work and not watch it at all. I have no idea what Tim and his boys and girls have left to talk about for 2 hours after reading this article. What I had hoped for was some innovation. Something new. No colors or fancy this and that but innovation. The Apple of old that said, “And it is available Today” and everyone was excited about. Is it hard to do? Yes But we have been waiting a long time. The last product that I thought had real promise was the Apple Watch for me. That’s it for the last few years. I guess I just don’t get as excited about services. They seem to be a dime a dozen right now.

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