Luscious new video shows off Apple’s leaked ‘iPhone 11’ design

“There’s no such thing as a surprise anymore in the smartphone industry,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “There are simply too many hands in the pie and too much hype surrounding big smartphone launches.”

“As a result, there’s no way that all the people involved with building flagship smartphones can keep things secret,” Epstein writes. “It’s just not going to happen.”

Epstein writes. “In 2019, we’re going to get new iPhone 11 models with the same general design as the iPhone XS from last year and the iPhone X from back in 2017. A new video published recently by a YouTube channel called Techy Paradise does a good job of mocking up the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max design.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gorgeous! We want them (and what you just know will be their drool-worthy new camera features) now!


  1. iPhone 10 was $1000, so the iPhone 11 will be $1100. No matter how gorgeous it looks, there are few consumers who are going to pay that much for an iPhone or any smartphone if that’s the case. I wouldn’t concern myself about paying that much as long as I can get about three years good use out of it. That’s just me. The rest of the world would rather buy a $500 or less Android smartphone and use it until it breaks. I don’t think Apple will catch on to current smartphone market consumer requirements and that’s quite unfortunate for shareholders.

    1. “I don’t think Apple will catch on to current smartphone market consumer requirements…”

      Why should they?

      Basic business principle – do not try to be all things to all people. Why would Apple want to chase the low end of the market? Currently, they make more profit than ALL OTHER phone companies put together.

      If they did go for the low end, many people would still buy Android phones. So how much more profit do you think they could make? I suggest it is certainly not worth pursuing.

  2. I used to upgrade whenever a new iPhone would come out. However, after awhile, I just got tired of it. I ended up doing an upgrade every time the contract runs out – starting with the iPhone 7. I do agree with MDN that there is a world of difference from iPhone 7, and, iPhone X Max (256GB). Whenever I switch around between the two phones, I continually find myself doing the gestures for iPhone 10 on my iPhone 7.

  3. These elaborate speculative designs for Apple’s products could be a form of mental illness — AHDSD [Apple Hardware Design Syndrome Disease]. It’s really kind of sick and sad that some folks have so much time to waste on such uselessness because it’s all A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME and effort. There’s ‘pathetic’ and then there’s “pathetic”. Let’s all just wait for Apple to release what its designers had planned, and released, and THEN talk about them … not aforehand. WTF!

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