Apple CEO Cook to graduates: ‘My generation failed you’

“Back in February, when Tulane confirmed [Apple CEO Tim] Cook as its commencement speaker for this year, the university’s president Mike Fitts touted that the Apple CEO, who enjoys the reputation as one of the world’s most workaholic bosses, ‘represents the kind of success we hope all of our graduates can attain,'” Sissi Cao reports for Observer. “But as soon as Cook stepped up to the podium on Saturday, his message to Tulane’s graduates became the very opposite of what was expected of him—instead of presenting himself as a role model for the young graduates in the audience, Cook encouraged them to challenge older generations’ successes and to find their own.”

“‘In some important ways, my generation has failed you,’ Cook said. ‘We spent too much time debating, too focused on the fight and not enough on progress,'” Cao reports. “‘You don’t need to look far to find an example of that failure,’ he continued, pointing to an example that no one understands better than those living in the natural disaster-dogged New Orleans: climate change.”

Below is Cook’s full speech from Tulane University on Saturday.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Tulane grads!

Apple CEO Cook donates to New Orleans music school after Tulane University speech – May 20, 2019
Apple CEO Tim Cook to address Tulane University graduates at Commencement 2019 this May – February 8, 2019


    1. The moniker SJW has always cracked me up. What kind of anti-American buffoon rails against justice as a point of honor? Protecting the commons has been a hallmark of American duty since the founding. All of a sudden caring about our legacy to our children is a sign of some kind of weakness according to RRW (Right Wing Wackos in case you’ve been watching Fox News and don’t know because you drank the Koch Bros Kool Aid).

      Thank god Tim Cook is a social justice warrior. Anyone in power who does not stand up stalwartly for the future and the health of the planet do their position and their brand a grave disservice.

      1. Social Justice is nothing more than virtue signaling code word sloganeering. It is mainly a call to arms for the political radical leftists overdosing on PC CNN. The U.S. Constitution established freedoms and justice hundreds of years ago. You are naive if you think SJW is some sort of pure idealistic crusade. The way it works the call goes out in the social and mainstream media to target, attack and destroy the lives and reputations of people and organizations that think differently than the liberal crowd. Milo and Laura Ingram ring a bell on the college talk circuit? You are part of the same mob mentality dissing and demonizing Fox News viewers. I Fox watch daily, but I also read the New York Times and tune in to CNN from time to time. So what does that make me?

        The answer is fierce lifelong registered independent voter that can think for himself and votes for both parties every election…

  1. From Tim Cook; the guy who wants to fix the world and criticizes everyone else for not doing so – but can’t get his own house in order long enough to fix a keyboard or update a computer in his own little part of the world. Like psychologists Jordan Peterson says: put your own house in perfect order before you go out to change the world.

    1. “put your own house in perfect order before you go out to change the world.”

      Well, that’s insane bullshit. You’re not allowed to say anything about the state of the world unless your own world is “in perfect order”.

      “Oh, I think it’s terrible that so many children have parasites eating their eyes, and I’d like to work to change that.” “Hold up there. You can’t say anything about that… your own world isn’t ‘in perfect order’.”

      Fuck off.

    2. For most of his career, Dr. Peterson advocated mainstream views that all of the great religious and moral systems are founded on altruism. More recently, he has emphasized all the ways in which white heterosexual men are being hard done by, and has urged them to be more assertive in taking and holding power against those who threaten it. If having empathy and promoting altruism is SJW, I suspect that not only Tim Cook but most Christians over the last 2000 years would confess that being a SJW just means owning one’s humanity as a child of God.

  2. Hypocrite!
    One of the biggest polluters in the world, Apple, by doing 95+% of their manufacturing in a country responsible for 30% of ALL CO2 emissions worldwide almost all coming from manufacturing is preaching climate change? And why does he do all his manufacturing in China, by far the biggest polluter ALL coming from manufacturing? Just to increase his company’s margins=higher profits/unit sale, PERIOD!

    1. The United States is not far behind China in total greenhouse gas emissions, and we produce about 2.5 times more per capita than they do. China decided to develop the intrastructure for high tech assembly decades ago, and they were very successful The US didn’t have that foresight.. If there was a company in the US that could produce as many devices as Apple sells each quarter, I’m sure you’d see a lot more manufacturing here. PERIOD!

      1. Such pandering BS. It might be good to focus on what’s before you…release a powerful and versatile Mac Pro. Maybe it’s this kind of distraction that influenced the escape of the simple wireless charger and…?

        Step off your high horse Mr. Cook.

        1. If making a charger for three disparate devices laid on the pad in random order is so “simple,” why aren’t there any on the market from other companies?

      2. Bullshit. USA has reduced its pollution 75% in twenty years, mostly through manufacturing changes. The reason Apple doesn’t invest in American manufacturing is because of wages, plain and simple.

        The ‘per capita’ statistic is always pulled out to diminish our progress in reduction. We went from being the largest pollution contributor (25% of world’s emissions based on per capita) to the most reduced of industrialized nations despite the Left’s refusal to use safe nuclear technology.

        China and India are now the biggest polluters.

        1. Care to cite evidence for your implausible claims, smitty? Manufacturing changes didn’t reduce pollution 75%. Deck chairs got rearranged.

          Starting in late 1972, traitor corporations shuttered factories in the US and built shiny new ones in China, exporting pollution to a communist nation that didn’t care about pollution until very recently.
          Manufacturing didn’t clean up so much as it left town.

          Other US pollution reductions have taken place, always to the great sadness of the extreme right whiners. Total auto emissions have flattened— not reduced, because efficiency gains have been offset by bloat and infotainment junk. Home energy use has leveled as heating oil goes the way of the dodo, LEDs replace resistors, and so on. Every month the US shutters coal poweplants in favor of fracked gas power plants. And until the Trump trade war, the US reduced pollution by sending its recycling to developing nations that needed the raw materials.

          It would be nice if industrialists would make clean manufacturing in the US a priority, but that isn’t happening is it? This site uses every opportunity to bash American manufacturing like Intel, worshiping Chinese/Foxconn manufacturing instead (anything with an Apple label is granted special exemption from national pride requirements). But the hypocrisy continues…
          US automakers, reeling from steel tariffs, receive zero support from this site. But then the trickle down theorists will demand that corporations need less regulation so Americans can see these exciting clean jobs magically appear with higher wages than any other continent. Unless I missed it, however, there’s been no massive bump in wage growth or manufacturing employment growth. Lots of dead end service jobs though, all dependent on trade in one way or another. That is cheered loudly as evidence that the orange idiot knows what he is doing. Nope. Trump like Cook is picking up the harvest from the hard planting work of his predecessor. Neither idiot is maintaining their respective farms.

        2. What’s that you say? A Fox Watcher has pulled a moronically wrong statistic out of his fetid rectum? Wish I could feign surprise. Here’s a chart that might help. Look, US pollution remains largely unchanged in the last 20 years. Huh. So you were lying like your lying president. No surprise here.

    2. Apple itself isn’t contributing to Chinese (or world) air pollution. It adopted carbon-neutral manufacturing policies for itself and its major subcontractors years ago. Yes, other firms in China are major polluters, but so are other firms in America. Apple isn’t responsible for other folk’s sins.

  3. Unbelievable…Cook on the world apology tour. Look get up off your arses and work hard and good things will happen. Sitting around blaming other people or other generations for your issues is complete loser b#llsh#t period. You are your thing holding you back. Set yourself free from victimhood..

    1. Encouraging a woe-is-me, it’s not my fault, entitled mindset does not help graduates of “higher education” acquire the reality-based outlook that their lives are their responsibility.

      If they aren’t responsible for their lives, then neither is anyone else… including parents/grandparents. Because they too were not responsible for their lives, they can’t be blamed. When it comes to responsibility, it either exists or it doesn’t.

      Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

    2. So, the folks a few miles from Tulane who had water up to their roofs during Katrina should accept the blame? People with cancer who can’t cure themselves are complete loser BS? Since nobody else is taking responsibility for helping their neighbors, we shouldn’t, either? Get off your behinds and think happy thoughts while looking out for Number One and the age-old problem of evil will be solved. Greed is good. Some folks think that it might be nice to treat others as we would be treated ourselves, but that is just SWJ. Not.

      1. Stop the editorializing additions (he said nothing about greed, ie).

        The essence of the statement was: “entitled mindset does not help.” Yes, or no…is that so hard to swallow?

      2. My home was flooded and completely destroyed in 2012. My family worked hard and rebuilt. It was our choice to live there and our choice to remain there after the flood. We make choices. We take responsibility. No one else is to blame for your decisions but yourself.

        1. Cook’s point wasn’t about avoiding responsibility for your own decisions, but pointing out that the decisions that you make affect other people, too. He was inviting the graduates to do better than his own generation did… which is the opposite of avoiding responsibility for the decisions that his generation made. He was inviting the graduates to do better, so that they won’t bequeath an even worse situation to their own children.

          The problem of evil in philosophy and theology is precisely that many innocent people suffer while the guilty often prosper. That isn’t an excuse for bad conduct or shifting the blame to the victims.

          Are you saying that if your home had been flooded because the government didn’t maintain the levees, or deliberately dynamited them to protect richer people downstream, you would take responsibility for that, too? It is nonsense to suggest that the bad choices that other people make do not have consequences for innocent third parties.

  4. Blame millennials, not the boomers. At least us boomers aren’t glued to our smartphones 24/7 and we still know how to actually talk to people, rather than text them instead…Jeez Louise…….

    1. The boomer generation raised a hippie generation and the hippie generation begat the me-first whiner victim generation. Cinema trends display this clearly. Why better yourself when only a green screen superhero can solve the problems of the world? Instead of solving problems, more and more people choose instead to get stoned on whatever shit can kill off their brain cells. It’s acceptable behavior, just look at opiod addict Limbaugh. No problems keeping his job after hiring illegals either.

      Since WW2, there hasn’t been a generation that prides itself on hard work and service to others. Every day the egotistical attitudes are displayed with less dignity all the time. With such horrid role models in the White House and in popular media culture why should we be surprised. The culture of greed, misogyny, and xenophobia is a cancer attacking the world, and it is winning.

      1. “Since WW2, there hasn’t been a generation that prides itself on hard work and service to others”

        Because that hard work is no longer compensated adequately, never mind rewarded. And service to others isn’t recognized; at worst it’s exploited (see: unpaid interns, working for future income but can’t pay ever-increasing rent and living expenses).

        When companies don’t show loyalty to employees or workers, don’t expect loyalty or hard work from them.

  5. As someone who is of the same generation as Tim Cook and Steve Jobs- no, “WE” did not fail the future generations.

    There is not enough space here to detail, but the baby boomer generation the slackers, millennials, and post-millennials like to blame for everything did ok. Most of the shit they take for granted was handed to them by Boomers.

    When they stop reading comic books and playing video games, maybe they can get enough cash to move out of mom’s basement.

    I paid my own way- moved out at 17 as a Freshman in college and have paid my way ever since. My home is paid for and I am working on building the home I will enjoy in retirement- in less than 10 years. You can do the same when you put your priorities in order.

  6. When you get past the MDN-cherrypicked headline, Cook actually speaks some common sense stuff. He certainly has the right to speak these things, he was invited to do so.

    That doesn’t excuse his pathetic product and technology leadership as leader of Apple. He’s lined his pockets and played all kinds of morally questionable financial games but has basically coasted in terms of product improvement. It’s for those reasons that he should step down.

  7. It should be noted that in regard to climate change, BP also acknowledges that the planet is on an unsustainable path. It continues to change course towards a less carbon intensive energy producer and is abiding by the Paris Climate Accord. A responsible corporation should act in the interests of not just its managers’ pocketbooks, but the long term health and wellbeing of its customers, employees and very business practices. At least one oil giant sees the light. Why would anyone criticise an electronics CEO for voicing the same stuff? I simply wish Cook would walk the walk instead of talking about it to death.

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