Killing fake news: Can Apple News+ save journalism?

“Apple has portrayed News+ as an effort to save journalism,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Lauren Kern, the editor-in-chief of Apple News, stated that the company is ‘committed to supporting quality journalism, and with Apple News+, we want to celebrate the great work being done by magazines and news outlets.'”

“That might sound a bit over the top, but Apple has a strong commercial self-interest in not only keeping original news and storytelling alive but in making the photojournalism and wordcraft behind it successful in their own right,” Dilger writes. “Print journalism certainly does appear to need saving. According to data from Statistica, global magazine print revenues in 2015 were $86.07 billion. Next year in 2020, revenues are predicted to fall to $67.56 billion.”

“On the web, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook have worked to create proprietary portals where users can get a ‘free’ news feed for nothing apart from the cost of being tracked and monitored, and where the majority of the technology involved in delivering the news isn’t going to journalists or photographers or news organizations, but to the developers of sophisticated interest and demographic tracking,” Dilger writes. “Google, Facebook, and other advertisers are generating huge revenues, but aren’t splitting much of their huge wealth with news publishers. They are not even in the news content business. The revenues they collect are not from consumers paying for information. They are from advertisers looking to exploit audiences.”

“News+ is another iTunes-like business in that it links people who create real content — whether music, apps, games or written work and photography — with people who want to enjoy real content and are ready to pay for high-quality work,” Dilger writes. “As the middle man, Apple takes a cut of this business. But more importantly for Apple, it creates something of real value that is uniquely available on its platforms, giving its high-end, intellectual, and affluent audience another reason to buy an iPhone rather than a commodity Android that is just as good at scrolling through Facebook, or Google News headlines or WeChat but has nothing like News+.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple News+ is yet another point of differentiation for Apple devices that, in time, has the potential to save many magazines and newspapers from folding.

Only time will tell if Apple News+ can kill fake news and save journalism. About the former, forget it. Fake news is nothing new and it’s here to stay. About the latter, journalism needs to save itself first (especially in the U.S.), then, perhaps, Apple News+ can help to foster it.


      1. Everyone reading knows whose life is sad. Citizen Xad. Chief commenter of blah-di-blah. Maker of no sense. False representative of black people. Leftist Loon. Trump Hater. Fake Apple user.

        1. Without the press, what exactly would the operators of MDN do with all their time?

          The fact that everyone here has attached himself to the interwebs proves that humans are by nature curious. Of course, some have higher standards in reporting than others.

          I for one love it when journalists expose they blatant hypocrisy coming from the halls of power. Truth eventually gets out despite the smoke and mirrors that are deployed by the rich to hide the facts.

          Prime example:

          Trickle down economics proven wrong. again.

      1. Sorry. That was a snap reaction. However, I was genuinely perplexed. Without journalists, our only source of information about events that we have not personally observed will be reports from government sources (or just possibly other participants with an ax to grind). If the Founders had intended that the government could control the flow of information to citizens, they would not have supported the First Amendment. The problem today, obviously, is that journalists need to eat. The financial model that has sustained them since the invention of the printing press is falling apart. At least Apple is working on a possible alternative to letting journalism and the notion of truth disappear from American society.

          1. Here’s where I disagree… I cannot trust a censor with the truth.

            Ideally a news source presents the facts and leaves room for the individual to form their own opinion. They do not “curate the experience”.

            1. Facts don’t leave room for opinion. They’re just facts. Idiots bringing their own bias to facts is the entire problem. You are part of that problem.

            2. Observation (fact) leads to hypothesis (opinion) which becomes new theory (another, more general fact) when proven. one event potentially leading to another is another example.

        1. “Sorry. That was a snap reaction.”

          No, I believe that was the most truthful reaction you have ever posted.

          It clearly defines your HATE for the Trump administration, inability to praise record economic numbers and clearly exposes you as a FAKE Republican. The best you can hope for now is RINO.

          Go ahead, tediously LIE or DEFLECT some more…

    1. I wish Apple would first actually accomphish something before running their empty mouth and then following their BS up with, ahh, nothing. We’ve been there oh soooo many times. Just DO IT!

    2. A1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      As far as I can tell, where the nation went astray (almost as soon as the ink dried on the signatures of the Bill of Rights) is that the people allowed the richest oligarchs to take over critical institutions including the press, the electoral system, and of course the incestuous lobby racket. Thus the corruption has swayed US law away from the individual citizen and handed all true power and freedom to multinational corporate powers — the richest entities on the planet. What is truly sad is that the nation has so many people like Mr. Smtih [sic] who don’t know and don’t care, and “the press” like MDN celebrates the massive hording and laundering of wealth that companies like Apple do as a matter of course.

      Democracy cannot thrive when ignorance and apathy abound. Only an uncorrupted press will shed light on the corrupt influences that presently hold sway in the world.

      On a related note: Republican subpoena issued to Donny Junior because it appears he perjured himself about the Trump Crime Syndicate’s plans to build an edifice in Moscow. Foreign entanglements and obstruction of justice just never end with this corrupt white house. Are we seeing a trend anyone?

    3. Sad to say, yes you are correct.

      Journalism died the day President Trump put his hand on the Bible to take the oath of office.

      Over two years of FAKE NEWS that revealed NOTHING. If anyone believes journalism can be saved there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale after you wake up and grab the present from the tooth fairy under your pillow.

      The premise of the article is dead wrong. To save journalism you have to go into every newsroom in America and replace the over 85% of Democrat registered journalists with an EVEN mix. NEVER HAPPEN.

      The saving part of this article is about wider distribution of fake news via Apple. Absolutely ZERO reform of journalism itself!

      Case in point: Hey, New York Times are you going to renounce your Pulitzer and give it back for FAKE Russian collusion?

      I won’t hold my breath…

  1. Apple is not going to save journalism. It’s not on life support beyond the commercial aspects but that’s because of the internet.

    There is no such thing as fake news as it is no more than a slogan to manipulate right wing lizard brains.

    1. … I hear Biden wants free healthcare for all of you undocumented (illegal) aliens in the U.S. That ought to get all of you to the polls that don’t require an I.D.

    2. Dear Citizenx moron,

      Fake news is a polite way if saying “lies”. Which you are fed every day by the Communist News Network, but you are too too stupid to know it.

  2. I’ve known for decades that the media is highly slanted to the left. The only thing that can save journalism are the companies that give us journalism. How? By reporting and investigating in a totally objective manner.

    What the rich people who run these media companies are afraid of is not fake news. No, it’s the free expression of thoughts and ideas concerning the news that bothers them. The crazy shit won’t stick to the wall and the rich know it. But the people who dig and comment of the news are what the rich are concerned about.

  3. Has anyone seen The Money Pit? You know the scene where the bathtub falls through the floor and Tom Hanks starts laughing? That’s what I’m doing.

  4. I don’t think Freedom of Speech was ever intended to mean Freedom of the Press to distort the truth to suit their own agendas and to do so under the guise of calling it news, which implies an unbiased presentation of the facts. It does not seem unreasonable to me that reporting something as news would require it to be factual and subject to challenge in court with a jury trial. Guilty verdicts should have the sting of severe financial penalties, loss of broadcasting license and jail time when appropriate. If a network wishes to broadcast lies, they could still be allowed to do so, but under the moniker of a tabloid; not a news service. We can not confuse free speech with accurate speech. Who decides? A jury.

    1. “I don’t think Freedom of Speech was ever intended to mean Freedom of the Press to distort the truth to suit their own agendas and to do so under the guise of calling it news”

      I’m not pretending to know the answer, but aren’t fraud, libel, and slander laws the defender of the truth? But the burden of proof is on the accuser as it should be.

      I would disagree on one thing… I no longer trust a jury of my peers to accept facts. Give me a tribunal+jury instead.

    2. TS, Reporting of facts is already subject to challenge in court with a jury trial.

      The problem now is that we have a lot of folks, including folks in high places, who aren’t convinced that there is a difference between facts and opinions. A well-placed government official who was recently challenged to provide evidence for one of his factual assertions answered, “Proof? There’s no proof. There’s no proof of anything.”

      If that is correct, all that is left is opinion, and the only way to measure whether an opinion is “fake news” is by whether you agree with it. There can be no appeal to external reality, because opinions need not be rooted in reality. The function of a free press—to provide facts that are independent of government opinions—cannot succeed unless facts are a real thing. Any assault on the notion of objective truth is a direct attack on the liberties of a free people.

      1. As applecynic wrote “presents the facts and leaves room for the individual to form their own opinion”. People forming their own opinion about facts is exactly the problem. No collusion! No obstruction! Ummm, what about the facts? Hey, it’s my opinion about those facts that matters most. Fake news!

          1. The “effer obstructed?” Well, if 30 million dollars was spent and no charges filed what do you know that the special counsel does not? Answer: Partisan wishful thinking. Sorry, the president has been exonerated…

  5. Folks, what we call fake news today has had a name for a long lite.
    – information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view: he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda.
    • the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary.

    This is not a left or right term. People from all walks of life propagandize.

    This is not Freedom of Speech. The freedom of speech is the right to disagree without fear of reprisal. We have the right to express our disagreement with each other and our government. This right should be used with decorum if we hope to influence others. Calling people names and egging them on is not a productive discussion and does nothing to further a cause or point of view.

  6. Never depend on any corporation to point out to you what is or is not fake news.
    Do not be fooled into thinking that news conveyed in a genteel way is not necessarily fake news.
    Do not be fooled into thinking that news conveyed in a gruff or inelegant way is necessarily fake news.
    Non-traditional topics are not necessarily fake news.
    Traditional topics are not necessarily non-fake news.
    Do not expect one news outlet to have either all fake news or all non-fake news.

  7. There isn’t anything Apple can do about the fact that modern American journalism is propagandist editorialization, bias, and literally manufactured bullsht, and if all that they are is just a conduit for further spreading that disgrace – thanks, I’ll pass, just as I passed on my Netflix sub by cancelling it (i’m not missing anything by not paying attention to previously stated bullsht. If you are over 35, it isn’t that hard to find what you want, and ‘Friends’ was probably passé 20 years ago if you aren’t the emotional equivalent of a slug. We hope, at least). Steve Jobs was a raging liberal – and he would turn in his grave over the politics that have polluted his company (which frankly, should not be on display unless a company has fully capitulated to snowflake-ism, I will do everything in my power to prevent Google etc. from getting another penny from my connected time). I could honestly care less about any Apple initiative at this point but for their commitment to user privacy. Anything else is truly a joke, I don’t care how big their budget for demos and hype (and soon – Silicone Valley-only stock options! F*** these people) might be. We aren’t swallowing it. If I didn’t legitimately require a smartphone in the 21st century, believe me, I wouldn’t have one. Apple went from being a genuine inspiration to the lesser of evils, and it is very, very, depressing.

    1. You know how much I know about Microsoft’s CEO’s politics? Nothing. And that is as it should be. We know Google is very much biased to the left, but that is due to their Silicon Valley employees. I don’t know Google’s CEO politics either. Tim Cook uses his position at Apple as his personal social justice soapbox with politics that run counter to at least half of Apple’s customer base. We keep buying because Apple provides a better product. But knowing that purchase enables Cook’s activism burns me up. And there’s no reason to lose the good will that Jobs created. Cook should do his crusading on his own time and own dime.

  8. I can guarantee you, without a doubt, that fake news which targets people with conservative views will be stamped out completely. Which I guess, is better than nothing.

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