NetMarketShare: macOS market share up, iOS share down in April

“According to the latest market share survey from [Net Applications’] NetMarketShare, the market share for macOS was up slightly in April, while iOS was down slightly,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today.

“macOS had 9.74% of the desktop/laptop operating system market share in April compared to 9.73% in March,” Sellers reports.

Sellers reports, “iOS had 28.21 % of the mobile operating system market share last month, compared to 28.24% in March.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: macOS is knock, knock, knocking on 10 percent’s door! So, when they get there, will Net Applications change their methodology again?

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  1. All the people screaming about declining Mac unit sales need to remember that Apple has been holding its share or slightly gaining in a market for traditional desktop and laptop computers that has been steadily declining for years. Those “missing” computer sales are due to a long-term shift to tablets, phones, and other mobile devices, where Apple is making most of the profits.

    1. True, Apple may be making most of their profits by moving a whole slew of $500 tablets … but that’s largely because the eschew selling a $500 laptop to move a whole slew of.

      And similarly, a 35% profit on a $500 device tends to be a whole lot smaller than 35% on a $2000 laptop or a $4000 Mac Pro.

      1. “… a $4000 Mac Pro”? That’s a bit of self delusion.

        If a true Mac Pro ever shows up you can virtually guarantee it will start at $5,000 ore more and go up to $15,000 or more in a maxed out variant.

    2. A change from 9.73% to 9.74% is a statistical variation. It means absolutely nothing. Most of these surveys are +/- 1% or more for any individual vendor. Anyone claiming that going from 9.73% to 9.74% is an increase in market share does not know what they are talking about.

      Back in 1990 some of the market survey groups reported that Apple had a 19.2% market share, which was the high point for Apple after IBM and the IBM compatibles started entering the market.

      Apple’s Mac market share has stalled in the last couple of years. Why? Because Apple’s Mac offerings are no longer industry leaders. Gone are the days when Apple introduced the 30″ monitor and was the only one shipping one for the better part of a year. Gone are the days when Apple shipped a 5K iMac for LESS than Dell shipped a 5K monitor! Gone are the days when Airport was the go to wireless router for small to medium businesses even for IT shops that hated Apple.

      Are those days ever coming back? No. Not under Tim.

      1. Hey, MDN, get your !@$#% advertising links out of my posts! I’m not doing any advertising for you! This is like the third or fourth time this has happened. Some readers will think I support this practice or these products or companies. I do not. Period!

    3. I beg to differ. Mac sales would be much better without all the bad keyboard PR and the unfathomable Mac Pro debacle. Plus the fact Apple almost does no advertising for the Mac. It’s criminal product neglect from the highest echelons of Apple. They have not, as Steve Jobs said, “milked the Mac for all it’s worth.”

  2. Is it me or is it pathetic that macs are less than ten percent market share as usual. Oh it’s that ecosystem that doesn’t really exist. If you ask me someone’s ass needs to get kicked when Microsoft sneaks by aapl in market cap as they did and always owns 90% market share while amazon steals the cloud space.
    Mac Pro is the iMac pro. Face it. Prosumer.

    And name one killer app suite of apple software that dominates. Point is there are plenty of markets to invade. Apple is def a consumer market, prosumer at best.

    Aapl is doing great. No doubt, but they could take care of pro markets much better.

    If you’re going to sing praise for 9% can some “go getter” in the corporate sales office take it to 19% for the old college try?!? I mean it’s been 40 years. Hint The consumers would follow the pros.

    1. No, what’s pathetic is a headline that tries to claim any sort of significance over what’s very obviously statistical noise…

      …and even if it wasn’t noise, a change of 1/100th of a percent? Please!

  3. And doing it with defective keyboards…. ….I suppose that’s impressive…. ….just read a report that the Air’s KBs are failing at similar rates to the last gen of MBPs…..

  4. The reason macOS market share is increasing to the detriment of iOS market share is that Apple is failing to deliver on features in iOS that would make iOS a true computer replacement.
    Please Apple, finish the job by offering in iOS
    – (at least) a limited multi-user setup (or a guest mode)
    – imposing universal (i.e., uniform) file access (as in Files, but with a uniform open/save UI (NOT import to local app file space) for ALL apps (not just read-only access)
    – interchangeable macOS/iOS aliases.

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