Apple’s macOS 10.15 set to clear house

“This fall, the Mac will move fully into a 64-bit world, and with it many old applications and services that users may still rely on today in Mojave,” Stephen Hackett notes for 512 Pixels.

In a reply to Steve Troughton-Smith’s tweet, developer James Thompson reminds, “If Ink is going, that’s the end of the Newton codebase too. So much history being taken behind the farmhouse.”

MacDailyNews Take: A clean house is a happy home; tidy house, tidy mind.


  1. Recent buzz in Apple news media includes:

    MacOS being able to run iOS apps.
    iOS devices getting mouse support.

    and now,

    MacOS dropping 32-bit support.

    Draw your own conclusions….

  2. Too bad they don’t have a real word processor that is 64 bit.

    The latest Pages – 8.0, March 2019 – continues the absolute slamming of Pages by many people. There are more one star ratings than 5… and those bad reviews contain many specifics of severe problems with very basic functions.

  3. Loosing QT 7 is a deal breaker with me! QT X would be fine if they designed it better. QT 7 let you use the tick marks and step frame by frame and cut out crap from the video and let you end with a finished video that you want quickly. With QT X you select the video you want and clip it. Not very flexible! QT 7 rules as a quick and efficient video editor for simple edits.

  4. I will miss Dashboard. I use it constantly, whether it is for quick metric conversions, an always handy simple calculator, currency conversions, or stock quotes. What is a quick and simple way to obtain the same functionality once Dashboard is gone?

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