Apple’s iPhone sales are finally turning around

“After the collective freak-out about Apple’s poor showing during its last financial quarter, this quarter’s results were refreshingly boring. Apple had $58 billion in revenue, more or less what they said they’d do three months ago,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “The company made $11.6 billion in profit, which is a really good kind of boring.”

“Phone sales were down 17 percent over the year-ago quarter, a second double-digit drop. Last quarter’s iPhone bellyflop eliminated all surprise and drama from these facts, so while it’s still painful to see, at least it’s not surprising,” Snell writes. “But Apple says that if you peek into the details, there’s a lot of reason for optimism.”

“Cook said that March was the strongest month of the quarter for the iPhone and that the final weeks of March were stronger still,” Snell writes. “China is such an important market for Apple that failure there can swamp good news in other markets, and that seems to be the case right now. But it sounds like Apple’s status in China may be headed back in a positive direction.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once a U.S-China trade pact is agreed upon, the sky’s the limit!

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  1. If Apple were to price iPhones reasonably, sales would certainly improve. Apple is trying to stimulate Services so the more users there are of iPhones, theoretically, the faster Services revenue will grow. I think Apple has to adjust iPhone prices enough to spur sales to any significant degree. I think Apple should be past the point of believing if they build iPhones, consumers will buy them at any price.

    I honestly don’t know what features Apple could add to the iPhone to attract consumers away from much cheaper Android smartphones. It seems like a nearly impossible task from my point of view. I thought Apple would be able to leverage AR on the iPhone to their advantage, but so far there isn’t any outstanding AR app(s) to attract Android smartphone users.

  2. Hopefully Apple have realised they’ve hit the upper limit of what the public are willing to pay for an iPhone. I don’t mind them selling ultra expensive iPhones, they just need to also sell reasonably priced iPhones ones as well. (They desperately need a simpler naming scheme!)

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