Sprint and AT&T settle ‘5G E’ lawsuit; AT&T will continue to use ‘blatantly misleading’ 5G E logo

“AT&T and Sprint have settled a lawsuit over AT&T’s ‘5G Evolution’ branding, which Sprint claimed was fooling customers into believing its 4G LTE network was a full-fledged 5G network,” Adi Robertson reports for The Verge. “‘We have amicably settled this matter,’ an AT&T spokesperson told the Dallas Business Journal — which cited anonymous sources saying that AT&T would keep using ‘5G E’ in its marketing material.”

“Both companies declined to discuss the agreement beyond noting that it was amicable, so we don’t know what the terms of the settlement were,” Robertson reports. “It doesn’t sound like AT&T is changing its practices, and we don’t know whether it compensated Sprint in some way, or if Sprint essentially just dropped the case.”

Robertson reports, “Even though all the carriers have been arguably guilty of over-hyping their 5G progress, though, the ‘5G E’ logo introduction was unusually egregious — and now it looks like AT&T won’t be going to court over it.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last month:

AT&T obviously believes their current and potential customers are stupid which seems like stupid marketing to us.

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  1. If enough people really cared enough about the issue, they would all switch carriers so that they would not see the silly useless logo and if enough people did, AT&T would probably make it disappear in a heartbeat.

    But in reality, most people don’t care. All they look for is how many bars they have and if they are not waiting forever for a page to load.

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