Growing number of iPad Pro owners complain of unresponsive, stuttering screen issues

“Some iPad Pro owners who have 2017 and 2018 models have increasingly been running into issues with screen stuttering, based on a slew of threads on the Apple Support communities and the MacRumors forums,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Affected users have iPad Pro models that sometimes refuse to register touch gestures, stutter when scrolling, miss keystrokes, and have other similar issues.”

“We here at MacRumors have not been able to replicate this issue, but the sheer number of complaints suggests something may be going on with the iPad Pro’s display,” Clover reports. “The problem appears to be primarily impacting new 2018 iPad Pro models, though there have also been complaints from some 2016 and 2017 iPad Pro owners. ”

MacRumors reader Roger, who let us know about the issue, says that after approximately a month, his 2018 iPad Pro had issues with scrolling and wouldn’t register input,” Clover reports. “He was able to get a replacement, as were many other customers who have experienced this issue, but he said that the replacement model has also been exhibiting the same issues.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re so old that we remember when Apple made keyboards that not only worked, but about which users raved*!

So, iPad Pro owners, any issues to report?

*Or, in the case of iOS soft keyboards, at least tolerated.

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  1. Not here..
    6-7 hours a day for a good 6 months..
    Rock solid!… love this thing.

    Just wishing for a robust, core ios, local user manageable file/folder sys .. accessible from all apps for all files.. with consistent ui across the board !

    1. Consistent UI. No kidding. Remember the human interface guidelines for the Mac when they first were released? They described very clearly how to write a Mac application that was Mac like. A person learning to use a new app could be confident that they already understood a large chunk of how to operate it because Mac apps came from a consistent design.

      On the iPad no two apps work in the same way. Everyone does things differently. You spend a week or two mastering the app, and nothing about it is transferable to another.

      1. Yup!
        The cloud based ‘files app’ helps to some degree.. but still it is very compromised.. specially if one is dealing with large files…. cloud speeds are not there yet.
        Plus what happens if one has no reception….

        Oh… and one other thing i left out as well
        Open i/o .. no restriction to what can be connected.. specially storage decices.

        But Apple is keen on selling their cloud storage services… so maybe it will never happen…. Forced adoption….imo not cool !

    1. Lets see.. is Mac a tablet with touch screen, with direct pencil/stylus and touch input ?
      Please tell me where i can buy one !

      In the manwhile, for clarification sake (seems what i said was a bit complex for some🤦‍♂️ ).. i want a touch tablet that has a local, core, user mahagable file sys… simple.

      Now if that is a mac for you????

  2. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 original, no problems. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation that began to experience such problems within a few months after purchase.

    When doing training or demos I make sure I always get that one because it’s so flakey. When it gets particularly bad, I hard reset it and the problem goes away. For a while. Apple of course was no help.

    It is terribly annoying especially when typing and it just stops responding. Or when trying your damdest to swipe and the the screen only registers a partial swipe.

    Apple resets it and can find no problem, and at a certain point you just don’t feel like arguing with them, so you breath dedeeply go down to one of the outdoor restaurants in the mall, order a glass of wine, put in your earbuds, listen to chill electronica and watch people.

    Then try to figure out why the piece of shit is working perfectly now.

  3. With me aperiodic happenings such as those reported occur, not only on the iPad Pros, but also on the iMac Pro, will working on the same document in Pages.

    Suspect that Pages decides to do an auto-update/back-up to iCloud, and every thing grinds to a halt while that happens.

    Very annoying.

    1. I have experienced this irritating issue. My 2018 12.9 inch iPad Pro will intermittently become non-responsive to key strokes or screen touches then a few moments later get responsive again. It can drive one crazy. It can happen in the middle of typing a word or while scrolling or drawing a line. . . sudden and unexpected and nothing responds. This started about three months after I got it. No, there are no bends in my iPad.

      I have not yet had the time to make a Genius Bar appointment on this issue but fully intend to.

  4. Had this problem with my 2017 model 3 months after I got it. Turns out the screen was bending! Place a flat straight edge on your iPad screens to test.

    1. I misread this at first. I thought you meant physically disconnecting, as in the magnetic connection was a factor. I read online some believe the magnetic cover fixes the problem, I thought this was the same angle (magnetic related) but then I see you said turning off BT. That is really strange, but maybe it points to a software problem that can be fixed, rather than hardware issue.

  5. Larger iPad Pro 2018 owner having the same problem intermittently…. thought it was just me…. can’t see any acknowledgment from Apple anywhere

  6. I have the issue on my new iPad pro. I chalk it up to the fact that the bezels are so thin now. I’m assuming that whatever software wizardry Apple is using to reject touch because of the small bezel is somehow the culprit. I could be wrong, but the screen freeze happens every time some part of me also is touching the side of the iPad and has made screen contact, inadvertent or otherwise. Put the device down, wait 5-6 seconds, then it works just fine again.

    1. Well I agree with your comments about the bezel, and find there is frequent inadvertent screen touching around the edges, this is unacceptable when playing a game on your iPad and the screen locks up.

  7. YES!

    My screen becomes unresponsive and sometimes requires a reboot to resolve. Happens more in portrait than landscape.

    Bought the iPad Pro for Christmas. Been having these issues heavily for over a month. Frankly, the only reason I haven’t addressed it is my dread of having to visit the Apple Store.

  8. iPad Pro 12.9 latest, I’ve had mine since Dec. Works excellent but have noticed a couple of hesitations, very rare. I think it’s software related. Use mine all day everyday. Best damn computer ever.

  9. One user reported that it goes away when magnetic cover is attached. He tested thoroughly with on an off and it was consistent, similar to a post above where disconnecting the pencil fixed it for them. The magnetic field somehow impacts screen touch detection etc. I also wonder if it could be related to a bug in “palm detection” or other touch related gesture detection.
    Ironically this AM when I first read this article on my iPad Air, I got the problem with stuttering scrolling!!! It was as if my hand which was touching the bezel was being detected as touching a screen area. It was weird and of course totally coincidental, it went away by zooming out the screen and back and tapping around the screen.
    Sounds like maybe a bug in iOS 12 with gesture detection etc. Hopefully its that and not a hardware issue.
    I am trying to decide between a new iPad Pro 11 or 12.9 (HELP!!) and reading about this and the bending issues and seeing how fragile the chassis is in drop tests, its all making me hesitate.

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