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“If you are into magazines, Apple News+ is a tremendous value,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop. “But as a news source? Early days still.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I do think there’s a lot of high-value, news-related content on the site,” Mark writes. “But the user interface makes getting to those stories a challenge.”

Also, “my sense is that breaking news has to wait to make an appearance until the next sync cycle between Apple News and the news origin,” Mark writes. “As I said, it’s early days still. If you are into magazines, the value is clear.”

Apple News+
Apple News+


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MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps why it was once rumored that the service’s name would be “Apple News Magazines.”

It’s clearly an outstanding value… For $9.99 per month ($119.88 annually), you’re getting some $8,000 worth of subscriptions, if each were billed separately.

It’s free for the first month, so give it a try! If you don’t like it or think it’s worth the cost, you can always cancel for no charge.MacDailyNews, March 26, 2019

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