New details emerge about Apple’s Lighthouse deal

“In March, there were reports that Apple acquired the patents of Lighthouse, the maker of a security camera powered by artificial intelligence which had earlier announced it was shutting down,” Aaron Tilley reports for The Information.

“It turns out that there was more to the story. The Information has learned that some of the Lighthouse team will continue their work at Apple,” Tilley reports. “The startup’s co-founders Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp, who have strong backgrounds in AI research and self-driving car technology, have joined Apple, along with around 20 of Lighthouse’s software team, said a person familiar with the matter.”

Tilley reports, “The Lighthouse hardware team didn’t join Apple.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote bck in March, “Considering Face ID, Apple’s TrueDepth Camera system, Siri, FaceTime, HomeKit, Animoji, Memoji, and more, including future products and services, these patents seem like a very logical acquisition.”

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Apple acquires smart home security startup Lighthouse AI’s patent portfolio – March 5, 2019


  1. It’s really a handsome, Apple-style product. I can see it incorporated in the Apple’s HomePod.

    In the near future, in a fully and comprehensively connected home, the National Security Police State Apparatus (from local police to IC in which the NSA plays a top role) will collect your freely given life (thoughts and behavior) and have it at its fingertips. Thank you.

    Not a moment will go by without “data givers” needing to push some button or give some command on time and in the right way to assure that this addition to the network is not broken so that it continues to stream data properly. These moments will be imbued with anxiety and trepidation produced by a concern that all societal and technological rules be carried out as prescribed.

    Helicopter parents who want perfect security for their overly-protected children will likely be the first large segment of the consuming population to get on board, thus making it a top market.

    These kinds of gadgets are the nuts and bolts of the so-called “big guy’mnt” that grew after WWII that conservatives rail against. It will get bigger now that we are on the brink of another cold war restarted by Hillary and her “Russia! Russia! Russia! cry and the voracious need by private military contractors and their allies in congress to profit from it.

    Apple is part of it but at least it’s on the forefront of personal data protection.

  2. Wonder how much they’ll have to lobotomize, like they did for Siri, to assimilate it into the Apple ecosystem while maintaining the integrity of their privacy policies.

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