Google trims size of its Pixelbook laptop and Pixel Slate tablet division, raising questions about future hardware plans

“Google has moved dozens of employees out of its laptop and tablet division, scaling back the size of its in-house hardware group as it re-assesses product plans in the fiercely competitive computer market,” Nick Bastone reports for Business Insider. “Dozens of Google employees working on the company’s ‘Create’ team – an internal hardware division responsible for developing and manufacturing Google’s laptop [Pixelbook] and tablet [Pixel Slate] products – have been told to find new projects within Google or its parent company Alphabet, amid what sources describe as ‘roadmap cutbacks.'”

“Sources say projects have been canceled within the laptop and tablet division, prompting the changes, but that team members have been instructed to find new roles temporarily within the Google or Alphabet organization,” Bastone reports. “Already, these ‘floating’ employees have been seeking roles within the company’s smartphone division, Pixel, and other Alphabet companies, sources say.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, you, go “create” (products that track their users and trample their personal privacy in order to target advertising at them) in some other department!

Bastone reports, “The ‘roadmap pushout,’ as one source familiar with the matter described the move to Business Insider, raises questions about the extent of Google’s commitment to building its own line of laptops and tablets, a fiercely competitive market with thin razor profit margins.”

Google Pixel Slate
Google Pixel Slate

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MacDailyNews Take: The move “raises questions about the extent of Google’s commitment” in the three people left on earth who are unaware of Our Lady of Transitory Endeavor’s penchant for starting projects only to drop them at random, abandoning the very (gullible) users they so love to exploit for financial gain.

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  1. What the F is wrong with Google? Can’t keep a consistent tablet or notebook line running. The hardware Skitzos at Google are losing it big time. Buy a Samsung, Lenovo or Huawei tablet, screw Google if these bozos cannot support their own users. ‘

    Dammn you to Hellen Back, oGlers! Buy an iPhone and iPad if you want REAL support and commitment.

    1. I’ve never believed Google ever built HW as something that would be wildly successful. Rather every smartphone, tablet, chromebook they have built sets a baseline/showcase from where other OEMs can branch off for their own ideas while having a common set of features..

  2. The wet dream is drying…

    Nowaday, you just can’t jump on a bandwagon and expect your share of the market.

    Once again, Apple is the only commited compagny that still do both Hard and Soft. Ok Tim? Remember that please… Steve new it. From day one!

  3. And the goons criticise Apples lack of focus, or maybe Cook’s taken an internship at Google though unlikely maybe as Google get away with murder in the press for their incompetences in ways Cook can only dream of. I guess upsetting Google might have greater consequences than upsetting Apple if I’m being cynical.

    1. Why do you believe Google’s ‘focus’ is their HW? It should be obvious that though Apple focuses on iOS and the devices that it runs on, Google’s has always been on Search, Advertising and Google Services with Android, its forks and related devices as products that support those services. Amazon’s focus is retail and their Fire HW products simply are support towards more sales.

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