Microsoft CEO echoes Apple CEO Cook: Privacy is a ‘fundamental human right’

“Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella seems to agree with Apple CEO Tim Cook when it comes to privacy, calling this a ‘fundamental human right,'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Despite the lack of a successful smartphone franchise, Microsoft is still very much part of today’s industry with a range of services across the mobile ecosystem. That’s probably why Nadella is such an active attendee at Mobile World Congress 2019,” Evans writes. “Microsoft and Apple retain very distinct identities, of course, but that the manufacturers of the world’s two most distributed operating systems agree on the value and necessity of privacy is refreshing.”

“I imagine that any company that develops solutions that do not prioritize trust on either Apple or Microsoft’s platforms must now consider themselves warned,” Evans writes. “Change is coming.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Change is coming.” Boy, we sure hope so!

U.S. citizens, ask your U.S. congressperson to work on passing comprehensive federal privacy legislation!

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  1. That’s generalizing, and I’m a Canadian, an “outsider”. Americans are respectful and good people for the most part. Its the minority of bad apples who tarnish the image, unfortunately many in positions of power and influence… military, government etc.

    1. Good people — if you fall within their family or approvid social group. A VERY large percentage of the US population thinks equal rights do not apply to various large blocks of people – blacks, women, etc. I don’t call that “good”.

  2. Said the company who builds backdoors into all their software and gets paid to sell you out to any state or federal law enforcement agency.

    Any businesses using MS software are just plain stupid (which is about 80% of all businesses).

  3. On this one occasion to garner good PR, MS took down its “YOUR STUFF IS OUR RIGHT” flag to replace it temporarily with its other: “PRIVACY IS A HUMAN RIGHT” flag.

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