Verizon to launch 5G service in 30 cities this year

“Verizon finally offered some details about its 5G launch this morning: it plans to deploy the next-gen wireless technology in 30 cities by the end of 2019,” Jacob Kastrenakes reports for The Verge. “The carrier didn’t say which cities those would be, how thoroughly 5G would be deployed throughout those cities, or when exactly the launch would begin, but Verizon did say that each launch would include some deployment of super fast millimeter wave radios.”

“‘It’s just gonna be a total different experience in speed and throughput than you have ever seen before,’ Hans Vestberg, Verizon’s CEO, said during a meeting with investors this morning,” Kastrenakes reports. “Spokespeople for Verizon confirmed that the company is not yet identifying which cities the service will launch in.”

Kastrenakes reports, “Verizon also specified that this would be real, standards-based 5G, not the off-brand 5G that Verizon used for its wireless home internet service.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier this month, “Expect the iPhone cloners, Samsung et al., to tout ‘5G’ regardless since – given the fact that all they do is peddle pretend iPhones to the ignorant – they believe, likely correctly, that their customers won’t know any better.”

Apple is going to wait until 5G is worth supporting, not rush it to market in order to bilk the ignoranti with a check mark on a spec sheet that most will never use in 2019. If 5G actually mattered to enough people in 2019, Apple would have a 5G iPhone available in 2019. 5G is still very much in the trial phase and will have very limited availability in 2018. There is currently no standard for 5G deployments. The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance says that 5G should be rolled out in the U.S. by 2020.MacDailyNews, December 3, 2018

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I think MDN take is a bit off…
    Historically Apple’s approach isn’t just wait until infrastructure is ready.. they provide the capability and technology to bring the demand, and often “switch on” new features functionality.

    To me, this is all about ability to get good 5G chips and their battle with QCOM. if the next phones are likely to last 3-4 years I think Apple would like to have 5g chips in them now if it was feasible.

    (I don’t believe Apple is sitting on this to boost a future refresh cycle)

  2. Remember the days when you stayed at a hotel, and you had to pull out an ethernet cable to connect to the Internet (maybe 10 years ago) . . . Today there is an expectation that there is WiFi everywhere . . . Remember the days when you got in your car, and at best you might get a text message, because your 3G was too slow to do much more . . . with 5G, everyone will be online — all the time . . . The 2020’s will be a time when people are always connected to the Internet– are you ready?

  3. LMAO, this is EXACTLY what happened when 4G was coming out. A handful of phones boasted 4G capabilities and there was only a tiny fraction of the US that actually had it. And on top of that 4G killed battery life in the early days. This will be the same thing, manufacturers touting 5G with limited locations mostly in inner cities. People will complain Apple hasn’t implemented it yet. Then when there is actual useful coverage for the masses Apple will let it loose.

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