Bad news piles up for Qualcomm in Apple dispute

“A few months after Apple sued Qualcomm two years ago, the chipmaker started a patent enforcement campaign in three jurisdictions (U.S., Germany, and China),” Florian Mueller writes for FOSS Patents. “Almost two years have passed, but Qualcomm has yet to prove two thirds of its enterprise value (that’s what the company’s patent licensing business accounts for as was stated repeatedly during last month’s FTC antitrust trial) in litigation.”

“If one focused on only a few mainstream media headlines, one might be (mis)led to believe that Qualcomm gained serious leverage in China and Germany, and had a decent chance of achieving the same in the U.S.,” Mueller writes. “It’s one thing to obtain a favorable ruling. It’s another to obtain a favorable and impactful ruling on a lasting basis. As fast-paced as this industry undoubtedly is, ephemeral results don’t get major disputes settled.”

Mueller writes, “It’s easier to make patent royalty demands, or to propose arbitration, on the basis of owning 130,000 patents than to prove that a single one of those patents is actually infringed, is valid, is not licensed, is not exhausted, and can’t just be worked around with a software update or minor hardware modification.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Qualcomm extortionists’ house of cards will not stand.

Qualcomm’s unreasonable, illogical, and irrational licensing scam, which charges a percentage of the total cost of all components in the phone, even non-Qualcomm components, must end.

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  1. For just once I’d like to see Apple get the clear upper legal hand and slap down Qualcomm so hard their kids are born dizzy.

    Well I’d also accept twice and thrice or more down the road…

    1. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

      The reality is… Qualcomm is just as greedy as Tim Cook, mostly likely even less so.

      Cook finally met his match, an actual entity almost as greedy as him, boo hoo.


      1. This is a case of the fake zerorandy calling the real zerorandy kettle black.

        The reality is… ZeroRandy is just as greedy as Zerorandy, most likely even more so.

        Zerorandy finally met his match, an actual entity greedier and smarter as him, boo hoo.

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      2. The reality is that Zerorandy is a homophobe, Tim Cook and Apple hater. He’s a cooksucker who believes everything anti-Apple is good and everything Pro-Apple is evil. Well we know what cooksuckers like to suck on, and that’s Chefly cooking.

    2. Qualcomm has done quite well for both manufacturers and users as their mobile tech is surely the best around. They certainly deserve their due. However, if they’re double-dipping, that might be going too far. Smartphone manufacturers can always go to… umm… Intel for baseband modems but they’re not quite up to Qualcomm’s standards. I understand Qualcomm’s viewpoint. If manufacturers want Qualcomm’s tech that badly, then I guess Qualcomm can charge whatever the market can bear. Apple may try to design their own baseband modems but all those Qualcomm patents are bound to get in the way and I think Apple may have a tough time coming up with better baseband tech than what Qualcomm has to offer. Qualcomm has been in the mobile communications business for a long, long time.

      1. First – Qualcomm cannot charge whatever they want becausse of FRAND terms… they cannot mix patents and create troubles based on SEPs… Period.

        Second – When Apple entered mobile market the leaders were decades old and experienced including Motorola and Nokia… we all know what happened to them…

        Third – we already have a proof how Apple processors are superior to any other in the market including Qualcomm – all this in very short time…

        So… if you really want to piss someone it is definitely not the hardworking Apple… better try someone like Sammy or Google..they are lazy and can’t even copy what Apple created 2 years back…

      2. FRAND – Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory

        If Qualcomm wants its IP to be utilized as a component of industry standards, then it is compelled to offer the associated technology on FRAND terms. By all appearances, it has been violating FRAND for a long time. Apple got tired of Qualcomm’s excesses and called them on it. Qualcomm unwisely chose to attack Apple with litigation and stands to lose a lot more than it would have through honest negotiation. Karma strikes again!

        1. Apple is an important instrument of karma (a universally understood term in business, not just in Hinduism). Apple has long been my hero for waging war against all manner of patent trolls and IP thieves, rather than defer to a cost/benefit analysis of litigation, as other companies have cravenly done.. Because Apple’s resources are great, it can outlast any challengers. And Apple clearly still possesses the unyielding righteousness of Steve Jobs. Whatever one might think about Apple’s various faults, those two strong factors make the tech giant a formidable adversary to jackals that dare to tear at its flesh. Every time Apple gets sued, I get out the metaphorical popcorn and settle in for a good show.

  2. “unreasonable, illogical, and irrational licensing scam.” …

    Au contraire, MDR, it is completely reasonable, logical and rational scam if you are Qualcomm and if you are not Apple or an Apple fanboy.

    You’ve got to love MDR’s relationship with hyperbole.

    1. From Qualcomm’s point of view, the FRAND abuse is logic and rational from the standpoint of maximizing revenue while they maintained dominance in modems for mobile devices. Some of the management within Qualcomm may even have considered their licensing terms to be somehow reasonable under FRAND.

      But the opinions of Qualcomm management are not relevant to an impartial assessment of FRAND. And FRAND is not intended to enable a company to squeeze other companies employing industry standards. In fact, FRAND is intended to do the opposite – to ensure fair terms for all licensees.

      Sorry, Michaele11111, but your post has no merit.

  3. I was certain Qualcomm was going be favored over Apple in the courts because so many manufacturers depend on Qualcomm for their baseband hardware. After I read that China and Germany were supporting Qualcomm, I thought it was game over for Apple. I figured a majority of manufacturers would take Qualcomm’s side and toss Apple to the dogs. Besides, Qualcomm has so many patents in mobile communications, I didn’t think it would be possible to get around all those patents.

    It will be quite interesting because if the courts don’t decide in Qualcomm’s favor, I think their share price would take quite a large hit. Qualcomm’s CEO seems quite sure Qualcomm would win easily.

    1. Qualcumm’s ZCEO is a loser, plain and simple on his greedy pimple. An ineffable character no-one wants to eff, because he’s such a greedy turddball, he can eff off. I’m most effusive about it.

    2. What if he is ‘not sure’ and wants to continue ego fight?
      Think from all perspectives… we can find answers… also think why FTC and other companies including Apple haters (ex. Sammy) are criticizing Qualcomm methods?

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