Adobe Premiere CC bug blew MacBook Pro speakers, multiple users report

“Software bugs can be annoying, in the worst cases resulting in lost work,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “But some Adobe Premiere CC users are reporting that the app has an even more damaging bug – blowing the speakers in their MacBook Pro machines.”

“The claims appear on Adobe’s Premiere CC forum,” Lovejoy reports. “All-in, there are more than a dozen reports.”

“The incidents seem to occur when using one of a number of Adobe Premiere CC audio enhancement tools, such as cleaning up the audio or enhancing the speech,” Lovejoy reports. “One Adobe rep reportedly advised ensuring that the microphone was off when using these tools.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another season to upgrade to a real, professional NLE application, Final Cut Pro X.

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    1. That’s because Cook opted for the speakers that cost 1 cent instead of 10 cents, to cut BOM costs on that laptop he sold your stupid ass for 7-grand.

      Macbooks are priced up to 80% higher than they should logically be. That might still actually be okay if Cook didn’t use the cheapest components possible and if they didn’t have the worst bulid quality in Apple history.

      If I’m lying, please let me know. Hurling personal insults only magnifies the fact that you have no way of dealing with the truth.

      1. …”your stupid ass” isn’t a personal insult? The speakers cost one cent? MacBooks are 80% higher than they should be? The truth is that you’re just a simple minded and ignorant punk who apparently doesn’t have anything productive to do.

  1. Bravo Adobe… What could be worst than a software blowing up hardware?

    I wish Apple could buy Adobe, cancel the subscription base CC, goes back to selling liscences, just for the fun of it.

    The curse is strong with Adobe’s rogue attitude.

    1. And with the subscription-only strategy that Apple keeps pushing, I have far less enthusiasm. Most customers abhor subscriptions because what happens invariably is that once the cash is rolling in, the software developers stop innovating. They make it hard to leave rather than making the software better. Apple is becoming one of these ugly companies.

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