iPhone SE 2: Who wants an iPhone with a tiny 4-inch display?

“On Saturday, January 19, Apple dropped off its iPhone SE line at the clearance bin,” Lory Gil writes for iMore. “Sure, we all knew that was coming. Apple pulled the iPhone SE from store shelves officially in October 2018 after having been the budget model since March of 2016.”

“The clearance price was $100 – $150 off the last available price, marked at $249 for the 32GB model and $299 for the 128GB model,” Gil writes. “That’s a darn cheap iPhone, but it’s three years old with three-year-old architecture and a teeny-tiny four-inch display.”

“Within just a few days, the iPhone SE sold out at Apple’s clearance section. All storage sizes, all colors, all gone,” Gil writes. “You may think, “well, that’s because it was so cheap.” But, I have a different thought. I think it’s because there are still a lot of us out there that long for the smaller sized form factor. Big screens be damned. We want small and comfortable!”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE

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MacDailyNews Take: No, it’s because it was so cheap. People smell profits in resale, most likely. If there were enough of a market for it and enough profit in it, Apple would have up-to-date 4-inch X-class iPhones in gold, silver, and space grey on store shelves right now, not in the clearance bin.

Apple restocks iPhone SE on clearance site, all models available – January 24, 2019


  1. Apple would be stupid to not release a a new SE in the current size range, but with the full screen treatment, effectively giving it the same screen real estate as the iPhone 7/8. I’d snap it up.

  2. The original SE was launched in the spring, at the opposite part of the annual cycle for iPhone releases.

    When I saw that they were selling off SE models, my hope was that it was a clearance sale in readiness for the release of an all new compact iPhone this spring.

  3. MDN is dead wrong here. There is a huge underserved market for cutting edge phones with smallers screens. Apple just does not offer one, blindly chasing Samsung’s vulgar “bigger is better”

  4. My checking account can handle the new larger format phones.
    My pocket cannot.
    I got an SE when they first came out and love it.
    I will buy another if/when Apple realizes that many of us don’t want to carry a “phablet” everyday and everywhere.

  5. Got the XS for the camera. If they had the same specs in a 5” OLED screen, I would have paid more for it. Way back with the 5 I could use the phone with one hand. That was great for checking mail while carrying a takeout bag.

  6. Apple removes products with lower profit margins despite the product being loved by customers. Example: the MacBook that had complete ports that customers found really useful and loved to use — replaced by the 1-USB port MacBook Air so if customers needed the ports, they’d have to pay for an expensive MacBook Pro. Ugh. Apple no longer delighting customers but just looking at the bottom line: money. It’s become just a typical company.

  7. Not sure if this was an inventory clearance sale to make the way for the new SE. Could be, I hope so. But the way Apple behaves these days, they might find a need to squeeze as much sales figure as possible to show a larger revenue now that they are not going to disclose the unit sales info.

  8. MDN, it obviously both.
    Obviously these things sold like hotcakes because of the discount.
    Obviously people are buying them because they want the smaller 4 inch form factor.
    It’s not rocket science.

  9. MDN, you should update the poll asking which iPad we are going to buy this year. You should add “rumored all-screen 10 inch iPad“ and “rumored iPad mini 5 . I’m thinking that would alter the results particularly for iPad mini 5.

  10. Finally upgraded my SO from a 5 to an XS. They hate the size, saying it’s “way too big” (currently, the smallest modern model), doesn’t fit in their pockets comfortably, etc. A lot of people want small phones.

    And yeah, the price.

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