Apple’s next-gen 2019 iPhone will feature 10MP selfie camera, keep Lightning port

“Just yesterday we shared with you the leaked renders of one of the iPhone 2019 prototypes, thanks to our frequent partner Steve Hemmerstoffer,” Amruta Shelar reports for Compareraja. “The renders highlight the three lenses on the back in a centered + horizontal alignment and a ring flash around the middle sensor.”

“And today Team CompareRaja has ‘exclusive’ piece of information regarding the camera configuration and internal design of the upcoming iPhone, thanks again to Steve,” Shelar reports. “As per the information received by us, two of the three rear sensors on the iPhone XI (2019) are 10-megapixel and 14-megapixel. The details of the third sensor are still unknown… This device could be the successor of iPhone XS or XS Max, tentatively referred as iPhone XIS or XIS Max respectively.”

“The selfie camera placed in the display notch will be 10-megapixel,” Shelar reports. “It is being speculated in some of the online reports that Apple will transition away from Lightning port and introduce a USB-C port as the company did with the iPad Pro. However, we have a different information… Steve has confirmed that the particular iPhone prototype shared by us still has a lightning port for charging the device and not the USB-C.”

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  1. I am really liking the centered camera, both from estetics point of view and practicality of framing the photo subjects.
    And i love the smaller faced id notch !

    It looks like a very clean design !

    1. Cook can’t make up his mind.

      He destroyed a perfectly working, billion dollar industry (30-pin), to create another interface that he could control to extort hundreds of billions from partners and consumers (lightning).

      Then he removed ports from Macs to propel his new dongle business, by claiming USB-C was the future. Yet he is so greedy that he won’t give up his dongle revenue and the iPhone remains lightning… and Macs and iPhones are incompatible WITHOUT one of his dongles.

      I’m so tired of Cook and his games. He’s a disease for Apple going forward.

  2. The 3-lens square is absolutely, unequivocally hideous. However overall this unit looks almost exactly like the current iPhone. Right or wrong, i believe apple will see disappointing sales once again if they choose to go w/ this very same body design once again. It does not move the needle. But knowing Cook’s Apple, this is probably exactly what they will do..

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