Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway ‘lost’ $19 billion on Apple stock in last 3 months

“Warren Buffett’s big bet on Apple may not be paying off,” Yahoo Finance claims. “Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in the tech giant has lost $19B in the last 3 months alone.”

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Julia La Roche discuss.

As of Berkshire Hathaway’s latest 13F filing, the company held 252.47 million shares of Apple.

Warren Buffett is that famous investor who says, “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful” So, maybe it’s a buying opportunity.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Berkshire only “lost” $19 billion if they (stupidly) sold the stock at a loss, which we highly doubt since they’ve forgotten more about investing than Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous knows or, from the looks of it, will ever know.

If Buffett follows his own advice, he’s been accumulating throughout this irrational AAPL trading period.

As Cramer says of AAPL: “Own it, don’t trade it.”


  1. For the last 8-years many investors thought Cook was a great person to bet on. Still, with all the dramatic cliffs this stock has plunged over, Cook’s gains are less memorable that the devastating losses.

    AAPL has turned a corner after this latest Tim Cook greed debacle and I don’t see the market having the same type of confidence in Cook as they had in the past. Cook has milked the iphone growth cow completely dry.

    More devastatingly, he hid both the growth plateau and eventual decline. Now everything is out in the open and greedy Cook is out of ideas. Bean counters only scheme at ways to scam a buck out of consumers… they don’t create anything.

    1. Down another percent today. Apple is simply not in a good position to survive a significant economic downturn. Buffet, who is as technically savvy as a case of Coca Cola, should have passed on the AAPL investment. He must be pissed at his lieutenants for trusting the Cook sales pitch.

      The worst is yet to come. Everyone except trumpanzees expects Brexit and Trump isolationism will throw the planet into a recession. The parallels between 1929 and 2018 are eerie.

        1. Apple might be in a better cash position than many companies, but when tariffs go up, and consumer discretionary income dives, then luxury makers suffer. Whatever isn’t totally off the mark here.

          FYI following the Brexit vote and subsequent fiasco, Apple jacked its prices >20% in the UK. When May’s mess hits home, imports to the UK will require additional inspection, resulting in further slowdowns and cost increases. The same may happen to the US as your bumbling administration slits its own throat.

      1. Apple is in the best position to survive a major economic downturn. Just like 2008, people said luxury goods and Apple would suffer the most, but though the stock price dropped the profits remained so the stock recovery was huge. In fact society’s well off may see their savings decline but they still maintain significant buying power in a recession. Maybe they skip Europe this summer, but they still maintain their cosy Apple home. It’s the low end of the market that suffers the most in hard times.

  2. Well the title is quite misleading..
    He has not lost a dime if he has not sold anything. And that is a fact !
    I suspect he ‘may’ even be cost averaging down.
    Warren is a long term investore with a cool head and full understanding of big buisness.. not a panicked frenzied irrational lemming. He knows better than reacting to every ripple or wave(Which will probably make u endup with empty pockets)

    Adjustment for one quarter is not anywhere remotley the end of the world and death of Apple like some disgruntled and panicked individuals (above Zero and alike ) would like to portray through irrational exaggerations and doomsday attitude. No where near.

    Be in It for the long haul.
    If you dont believe sell and move on.. why waste time/nerves and energy on something dead. Trash product, trash management, trash stock..
    Ask yourselves.. why are u here ? If Apple is history ( lol, it’s just funny )

  3. Are you morons seriously trying to troll one of the greatest investors of all time, who will no doubt “win” the money he definitely hasn’t lost yet because.. it’s Warren Buffett – he almost never sells.

    By the way, when the next iPhone XI comes out (a big form factor redesign) and the sales go through the roof (China), he’ll get the last laugh.

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