AMD’s Radeon 7 pushes PC gaming to ‘the bleeding edge’

“CES 2019 marks the first time AMD has ever given a keynote at the international trade show — so naturally, you’d expect the company’s debut conference to be packed,” Abrar Al-Heeti reports for CNET. “On Wednesday morning, AMD President and CEO Lisa Su didn’t disappoint, talking up the company’s upcoming third-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs, the new Epyc Rome chips for data centers and how, in partnership with Acer and HP, it debuted the first ever AMD-powered Chromebooks.”

“AMD’s biggest announcement of the show, however, is clearly the Radeon VII: The world’s first 7-nanometer gaming graphics card,” Al-Heeti reports. “AMD says the Radeon VII will boost performance by 29 percent in games like Battlefield V, up to 25 percent for esports titles and as much as 40 percent in games that support Vulkan. The company says users who rely on programs like Adobe Premiere and Blender should get a notable bump in performance as well.”

“The Radeon VII is due to launch on Feb. 7 at an MSRP of $699,” Al-Heeti reports. “Buyers will also get copies of The Division 2, Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Here’s AMD’s keynote address:

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  1. Too bad Apple users can’t run out and buy one and enjoy the gaming experience. They have to wait until it is nearly obsolete and Apple grants them a lower-performance variant in one of Apple’s slightly-better-late-than-never updates.

    Unless you have an old Mac Pro, and you can stick it into one of its PCI Express Gen 2 slots and use an external power supply. LOL

    Cook u suk

      1. I can see it now, the Apple pro user community will run up to kick the football and Cook will snatch it away.

        The trashcan will come in five different colors!!!

        Oh, and there is a less obsolete processor and GPU.

  2. I hope the upcoming (probably. maybe. who knows) Mac Pro will provide internal expansion options these types of products.The content creation professionals have certainly shown (by their overwhelming exodus from the Mac platform) that they prefer it.

    That said, even if the Mac Pro is another “closed box”, stalwarts should be able to leverage the power of new GPU cards via Thunderbolt 3 and an eGPU enclosure.

  3. In what world is radeon 7 pushing PC gaming to the bleeding edge?? Its not even out and its being compared to only the nvidia rtx 2080 at the same price as the 2080 or at best $100 less. It doesnt have RTX, it doesnt have DLSS and on top of that its not competing with nvida’s top end gaming cards. So no this isnt pushing pc gaming at all.

  4. Nvidia has dropped a bomb on everyone by launching their RTX series and now its AMD time to make their move. I have been using AMD process for more then few years now and AMD never let me down and hope so AMD Radeon 7 will continue deliver the same result.

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