Fatal truck crash in San Jose may have exposed Apple secrets

“Apple is one of the most secretive companies in the world, and some of those secrets may have been exposed in a fatal box truck crash Wednesday on Highway 101 in San Jose,” Damian Trujillo reports for KNTV NBS Bay Area. “”

“The early morning crash near McKee Road left one man dead and another injured. Sources said both are retired police officers from the Los Angeles area. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the crash,” Trujillo reports. “The men were armed and guarding a very special load for Apple, a source told NBC Bay Area.”

“Multiple sources told NBC Bay Area the men were working for SIS Security, which has an office in San Jose. The sources say the men were transporting highly sensitive products for Apple. The CHP said it doesn’t know the nature of the cargo, and it’s still under investigation,” Trujillo reports. “The CHP said since they were transporting commercial items, the men needed to follow rest regulations as required by the state. And they needed to keep a log, which they did. ‘From shift start time to the start of the collision, they had not exceeded any of the hours required for rest,’ CHP spokesman Ross Lee said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our condolences to the victim’s family.


    1. Could be.

      If the new 2019 Mac Pro rolled into the ditch, then we know beancounter Cook has forced the reuse of the old trashcan chassis.

      If the new 2019 Mac Pro caught the wind and blew into the Jersey barrier, then we know Jony was allowed to squish the thickness to pointless new dimensions.

      If the new 2019 Mac Pro could not be located after the accident, then we know it is vaporware.

  1. Apple moving their fully framed CAR/CUV to campus means Ive’s is going to start reviewing the design with select folks for feedback and finalization of the design itself.

    I fully expect Apple to unveil their car a year from now. In January/February. Perhaps right at the beginning of CES, inviting select folks of course, stealing any news from CES right from out and under them – AKA iPhone launch.

    We’ll need to wait a year later to buy it, as the vehicle will need to do all the Fed tests and approvals first, which is why it requires such a long intro to the public, or it would be quickly exposed via regulation testing.

    Of course, Apple wont’ mind a one-year build-up to launch, as it’ll only hurt Tesla and other electric vehicle sales and build up a nice pent-up demand for it.

    Will rear view mirrors be eliminated? Will Apple have devised a heads-up display on steroids, encompassing most, if not all of the front windshield? Will it have incredible range? Will it handle as if it’s been designed by former Porsche LeMans hybrid engineer, Alexander Hitzinger (because, it will, because for the past 3 years he’s been at Apple)?

    Yah, it’s going to take leaps, that’s for sure… It should be quite a leap forward I should think. Can’t just be a me to product.

    NOTE: VW isn’t screwing around with electric vehicles, and has JUST poached Alexander Hitzinger back its the VW (kinda Porsche) family. Most of his suspension and performance work must be wrapping up on Titan anyway, so that’s probably okay, considering how many other highly talented BMW and Tesla.

    In fact, Musk, once making fun of those that couldn’t make it at Tesla went to Apple, this past year he has been crying a river, singing a different tune, in that “Hey, we can’t compete with all the money over at Apple, what do you want us to do?” paraphrased, but that’s been his crying of late.

    When working with Intel many years ago, one thing a few of the guys that had worked with Apple told me: Apple doesn’t just enter a market to be a player in it. They enter to dominate it.

    Now, that’s not entirely true. I would refine that to say, when they enter a market Apple aims to take every single dime of the high-end of that market and dominate it, leaving everyone else with table scraps.

    My question is: Will Apple be pounding away on making this car an iPad or a Stainless Steel Apple Watch?…

    With the iPad, most everyone believed it would be $999 – $2,000. Jobs blew everyone away with a $499 starting price point.

    This, again, becomes a question. If Apple going to target $70k plus sales, going after the e-Pace and the like from Jaguar?

    Or will Apple stun the automotive world, and announce their Compact SUV (assuming that’s what it will be), starting at $30,000, yet packing in a punch with technology that makes other $50k+ vehicles pale in comparison?…

    We shall see…

    Supply Chain: Apple has been able to sit back and watch Tesla struggle mightily with supply chain issues. Poor quality product to products unable to be had in the quantities needed, it’s been an ongoing nightmare for Tesla that only now seems to be nearly rectified in most areas.

    Count on Apple NOT building the car themselves. If so, they would have needed to start the shop setup already. No. That’s not happening.

    Rather, count on Apple to utilize Magna (Magna Steyr) as their CM.

    Magna manufacturers all the Mini Coopers for BMW, and now manufacturers the BMW 5 series for BMW.

    They are the largest automotive CM in the world, headquartered in Austria, where they can produce over 200k vehicles a year for BMW, Mercedes, etc…

    But they also have facilities stateside also.

    NOTE: Magna is manufacturing the Jaguar i-PACE all electric and e-PACE hybrid. They know something about EV’s and that’s a big deal in the manufacturing process, as they are so different to assemble and understand vs petrol products.

    Look for rumors about Apple talking with Magna this year. Once those talks begin and rumors of tooling are starting in the Carolinas etc… you’ll know Apple is not far off from having their first vehicles roll off the lines and into people’s garages…

      1. That’s why Apple will be left in the dust by Amazon in terms of company value. I understand Apple not wanting to dominate all markets but settling for only 15% of market share for its products seems to be setting the bar too low for investors. Apple is absolutely getting killed in the smartphone market by not offering affordable iPhones to emerging nation consumers. How is it that Android manufacturers can survive so well by selling low-cost smartphones? They come back stronger every year while Apple continues to lose market share percentage every year.

        I think Apple should at least try to put up some fight against price-cutting competitors to at least put some fear into their hearts. Apple appears to be just caving into Android smartphone manufacturers while hoarding large amounts of unused cash. I simply don’t understand Apple’s current business strategy because it doesn’t seem to fit the global economy anymore.

        1. Ohhhhh gawwwd! Gimme a break!!!!!! MARKETSHARE DOESN’T MATTER! They are NOT getting killed! They are making more phone profts that ALL OTHER phone companies added together!

    1. Sincere condolences to the family who must still be reeling and hurting badly from their loss.

      Too late, davecc, you had to write a shockingly bad taste joke before offering your condolences. You aren’t genuine, just another Apple hater and baiter, another Apple Cynic, another Ishakdwobble Von Dweeb.

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