Apple is changing its attitude about working with partners

“Apple’s not known for being the most outward-looking organization. For much of its existence, it’s seemed to project an aura of indifference — verging on ignorance — of what goes on outside its walls,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “That’s in large part by design: Apple has always had a carefully cultivated veneer of being in a league of its own, eschewing any need to pay attention to what its would-be rivals were up to.”

“But there are signs that Apple’s attitude in dealing with partners is evolving, thanks to one key word: services,” Moren writes. “The Apple of today is betting big on services for its future, and in many cases those services mean relying on (or at least, taking advantage of) partnerships with other companies — even putative rivals.”

“This past week’s Consumer Electronics Show is a perfect case in point,” Moren writes. “Apple’s partnership with a quartet of popular TV manufacturers will bring AirPlay 2 to a large chunk of the TV market, as well as, for the first time, allowing access to iTunes video content from a non-Apple device — from the company’s chief smartphone rival Samsung, to boot!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Frenemies with benefits.

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  1. While AirPlay 2 on other devices are a good thing for consumers, it is possibly the kill-switch for AppleTV.
    So there you have even more future unit numbers to keep secret to hide the decline.

  2. It used to be that Apple didn’t need partnerships because they defined the market. Apple use to design and build products that people wanted and made them easy to use for whatever the customer wanted to use it for. Everybody else would play catch up to Apple and wanted to partner with Apple. That’s how Apple built their fanboi base.
    Now, Apple partners with others and falls in line in standards based products (and services).
    Apple now enters the competitive market for marketshare, rather than being the company that innovates and defines new markets. Having bought my first Apple product (an Apple ][+ ) back in 1980 and rode the wave up, this is very difficult to watch.

    1. I agree though inevitable the competitive market has transformed over the past 6 years or so and as such it has to adapt. To be fair if has always been willing to take on standards where it suited, USB Being the most obvious and moving to Intel too and offered up its own tech to be part of a universal standard, QuickTime and Thunderbolt etc so it’s not quite so black and white as you suggest. I dont think market share is going to be a priority any time soon either but wasting opportunities to gain market share HomeKit and Siri that simply never were able to thrive in a walled gaden, being good examples, has to be addressed and these sort of partnerships are well overdue.

      This new competive environment and nimble competitors are in all honesty due to Apples impact over the years when over the first decade of this century opponents realise that go thrive they needed to follow their example rather than the previous low brow symbiotic and submissive relationship with Microsoft so it’s a victim of its own success in that respect opening up the market place with iOS as the inspiration, so it needs now to respond accordingly to what it created.

    2. Its always hard to watch the world change from what one is used to and maybe harder to adapt.
      Apples main interest is not the legacy crowd. Apple needs to adapt and keep up with the times and when it can, define the new future! And it does!
      It is not for Apple to adapt to the older generation, its up to the older generation to adapt to the new, if they so choose to.

      Its just the nature of life and change!

  3. One doesn’t to make a profit in tech following the crowd. Having the ability to roll with in house OS, Hardware, Engineering, and design, is where the biggest profit comes from and letting the freeloaders graft on to you bring you down….

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