Apple turned back the clock at CES 2019

“It was almost like 2008-2012. We all know Apple never shows up to CES, but they never really had to. There was a time when, no matter what happened at the show, they were still the main story. The show floor would be packed to the gills with iPhone accessories and apps,” jhrogersii writes for iPad Insight. “In the first years of the iPad, when it launched in the late Winter and Spring, it dominated the conversation among the tech press.”

“Those days have been gone for a while,” jhrogersii writes. “CES is more about connected gadgets than big ticket items today. Despite the fact that HomeKit has been around for a while, Apple has never gotten past the fringes of that market, so the shadow they used to case over CES has receded the last few years. When you factor in the company’s recent guidance correction and stock price troubles, it seems like any talk of Apple at the show would be negative. But that’s not what happened.”

“Instead, Apple somehow managed to turn the tables and get the positive side of the spotlight at CES,” jhrogersii writes. “That didn’t seem possible a week ago, but here we are.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A good start at CES will hopefully be just the beginning as we have so much, including Apple’s original content streaming service, Texture magazine service, and even – shocker – something called an “all-new Mac Pro,” plus much more to come throughout the year!

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  1. The ‘all-New Mac Pro’ will be built with Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs so therefore it will be a lacklustre appliance when released. We just don’t know what it’ll look like or how ridiculous the pricing will be.

    How will it compete with this years 7nm AMD Threadrippers which will weigh in with up to 64 cores and nVidia GPUs that are head and shoulders faster than the AMD Radeon VII GPU just announced at CES.

    A Pro PC workstation will hand the ‘all-New Mac Pro’ its arse during 2019 that you can be absolutely sure of…and 2019 will be game over for Apple in the Pro space.

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