Roku to launch subscription video channels

“Roku Inc said on Wednesday it will begin offering premium video channels to customers for a subscription fee as it expands its free streaming video service,” Reuters reports. “Premium channels from CBS Corp’s Showtime, Lionsgate-owned Starz and Noggin from Viacom Inc among others will be available to viewers of the Roku Channel, a free video service offered to owners of Roku streaming video devices.”

“The move by the device maker, which spun off of Netflix in 2008, resembles the lucrative channels business Amazon launched in 2015 that resold video services on an ‘a la carte’ basis,” Reuters reports. “Apple Inc is expected to launch its own streaming video service that will adopt a similar model, people familiar with the plan have said.”

Reuters reports, “Like Amazon, Roku will handle the billing for these services, allowing viewers to subscribe directly from the Roku Channel instead of needing to go somewhere else to plug in credit card information.”

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MacDailyNews Take: (Trying) to use a Roku device after an Apple TV is like trying to drive a Toyota Yaris after a BMW M5. It sucks in very possible way.


  1. A Roku is certainly not an AppleTV. But saying it “sucks” is a bit harsh. Depending on how old the Roku is you are using, it’s not a bad interface and the response is very good. Good solid device. I have had many of them, along with two AppleTV’s as well. My old AppleTV isn’t working right anymore, and neither are my older Roku’s.

  2. I have used both for quite a while. MDN, you can’t possibly say the Roku “sucks” compared to an Apple TV when you’re forced to use that lousy Apple touch remote (or whatever you call that junk). Navigation is also far superior on the Roku. And let’s not forget the difference in cost…

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