Why Apple must make January great again

“There was a time when Apple defined the future direction of the entire tech industry for the next 12 months when its annual January Macworld Expo event set the scene,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Even the first iPhone was announced Jan. 9, 2007.”

“The January event meant Apple commanded the attention of every tech media and industry thought leader at the beginning of each year,” Evans writes. “Hacks were happy to have something exciting to write about after the annual crushing bore that CES became and the long spell of holiday season news emptiness that seems to extend from November.”

“Apple’s decision to ignite interest with a January event drove the fallow news cycle,” Evans writes. “Left with nothing interesting to write about and in a publishing environment in which it seems acceptable to criticize Apple for even the smallest failing while denying competitors the same level of scrutiny even when more egregious errors are made, journalists reach for any critical story they can find. That’s why Apple’s failure to launch AirPower to schedule is getting so much coverage. It’s not because anyone writing about this actually cares. They just want something to write about.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, when there’s a vacuum, it will be filled and Apple is not in control of what fills it.


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