iPhone XR sees biggest adoption of any new iPhone yet, but iPads did even better

“We examined our vast mobile data over Christmas this year, looking specifically at the volume of new devices that entered the market. As a reminder, this data only consists of devices that users activated for the first time and began using apps in,” Thomas Rodde reports for Localytics. “We discovered that Christmas shoppers were heavily focused on obtaining Apple products this year: iPads have become a mainstay of the holiday season and the iPhone XR’s momentum shows no sign of decreasing.”

“In 2016 we found that iPads dominated the leaderboards for new device activations over the Christmas holiday, while in 2017 the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X took the top five,” Rodde reports. “In 2018, iPads returned to the top of the list as they nearly swept the top five, proving that their stellar performance years ago was not just a flash in the pan.”

Apple iPad dominates Christmas 2018 lift in device activations

“We found that the iPhone XR saw more new device activations than any other device over Black Friday weekend compared to the average of previous weekends. This narrative partially played out in our Christmas data as well, confirming the demand for iPhones at a lower price point,” Rodde reports. “Though an 88% increase in new devices is nothing to shake a stick at, the XR still failed to beat the newest iPad and iPad pros and the iPad Mini. The new sixth generation iPad clearly saw the greatest increase in activation volume at 219%, while the 11 inch iPad Pro came in at second with a 125% increase versus the prior weeks in December.”

“Apple’s market strategy for the XR seems to be paying off: A study from Consumer Intelligence and Research Partners found that significantly more consumers switched from an Android device to an iPhone within 30 days of the XR’s launch than those who switched to the iPhone X from an Android device in its first month,” Rodde reports. “[iPhone XR saw] the greatest lift in activations of any new Apple [iPhone] in the past three years. The number of new XRs activated by consumers grew by 88% over Christmas, while XS activations grew by 49% and XS Max activations by 36%. It’s also important to remember that the XS and XS Max have been in the market since September, while the XR came out in late October.”

Apple iPhone Christmas 2018 lift in device activations

Source: Localytics

MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.

Clearly, the rending of garments over the market reception of iPhone XR was not only overdone, but delusional to the point of insanity.

Also: Welcome back, iPad! It’s about time!

[Attribution: Apple 3.0. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. None of this info is going to change the, “No one is buying iPhones, anymore” narrative on Wall Street. Apple’s stock is already in the toilet and will likely be staying there for quite some time. Same for the “bendable” iPad. That “bendable iPad” story is one of Youtube’s most popular tech stories.

    Every product Apple sells is being declared by the news media as overly expensive junk and a product no one wants to buy because of various reasons.

    Everyone will continue to believe the Apple is doomed narrative and Apple’s share price will continue to decline. Apple will never be given the benefit of the doubt as there are numerous factions constantly trying to take the company down. 2019 is already looking to be worse for Apple overall than 2018. Some (un)happy new year for Apple shareholders.

    1. How many of the millions of people who bought an iPad do you suppose ever even heard of “bendgate?” So what if it has big numbers on YouTube?

      APPL share price has very little to do with how well the company is doing. Analysts make their money when the share price moves, either up or down. Their motivation is in keeping the price volatile, regardless of how well Apple is actually doing.

      Your gloomy sentiments are right out of analysts’ playbooks.

  2. The story here is that people get new gadgets at Christmas?

    There’s not really anything revealing here. I assume Samsung’s got similar numbers when compared to their previous three weeks. People give gifts.

  3. Analysts have no consequences for getting it wrong, which they do on AAPL over and over. Get ready for the slingshot effect. For Microsoft to be considered a more valuable company than Apple is ludicrous. Just walk past any Microsoft store and Apple Store in the same mall. Analysts should be marched between them before they lie to the public.

  4. Lies , lies and lies…. no way this can be true…
    We were told so in the past two months!
    Apple cut 50% of their XR production since nobody wanted overpriced clunky crap. On top they screwed up XR marketing.
    Apple is just overpriced crap which offers no value!
    Tim Cook is a Bean counter/ Scully 2….
    Apple has zero clue what quality means anymore… they just put out crap after crap.
    There is no vision at Apple anymore.
    Apple is doomed.
    Doomed i say. Doomed!
    Dump your stock and run. Run and dont look back !

  5. This article indicates nothing. It reaffirms that the global population is growing and people still give each other gifts on xmas. Wow, isn’t that amazing.

    So the usual fanboys are so excited by this 4 week snapshot that they are rushing to buy up AAPL on margin? Apparently not. Apple continues to slide, now Amazon has surpassed it in capitalization in addition to MSFT. Maybe Apple should deliver better products instead of useless stock buybacks


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