Another Apple patent filing hints at MagSafe return

“Apple has filed for a patent that hints at the turn of the late, lamented MagSafe adapter,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today. “This is the company’s third such patent filing; the first being number 20170093104 in March 2017, and the second being number 20170133787 in May 2017.”

“With the 2016 MacBook Pro line, Apple ditched the MagSafe connector, which disengaged with the slightest amount of pressure,” Sellers reports. “This saved many Mac laptops from a disastrous plummet when someone accidentally snagged the power cable.”

“The latest patent filing is for connector adapters that may have a MagSafe connector receptacle and a Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector insert,” Sellers reports. “This would allow MagSafe chargers to be used to charge devices having Universal Serial Bus Type-C connector receptacles.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, it’s a brilliant idea. Absolutely, positively, brilliant!

Now, we would love to see a tiny MagSafe adapter cap (or very short corded adapter) that sticks into the USB-C port for MagSafe power cords. That way we don’t have to regress in the name of progress.MacDailyNews Take, March 11, 2015, two days after the first MacBook sans MagSafe was unveiled

BTW: We’ve also heard positive things about the Stouchi USB-C Magnetic Adapter.

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  1. It just used to work. Whomever’s idea it was to get rid of Magsafe and not have an alternative, immediately, should be shot in the head. I bet Timmy never even noticed it was gone.
    It’s embarrassing that the the Apple Logo on the cover isn’t illuminated as well, WTF? Oh, let’s just say it, and the overall lack of NEEDED ports, Kind of says it all. You know, by Apples current logic, the MBP could be yet another c*nt hair thinner if they did away with the rubber gasket on the screen. Or why not attach the keyboard via Dongle?
    It’s sad when upgrading to a new Apple whatever these days makes you feel like you get Less. All of this exactly how I felt getting my daughter her new MBP.

    1. Hmm – I thought I would miss the mag safe a lot more. In fact when I bought the touch bar MBP, I also got a kensignton magsafe-like connector. Used it for 6-12 months until it stopped working. Went back to the regular cable and haven’t had any issues.
      What I do find useful is being able to plug in for either side. Also the battery life is so good that often I only need to plug in overnight.
      MagSafe is still a good idea. I got another versions that has a shorter head than the Kensington model but haven’t started to use it yet.
      Having 4 USB-C/TB ports is very useful. Now I have a single dongle that has most of the connections I need. Most cost effective that buying multiple single dongles.

    2. The Issue with Tim not needing MagSafe is he has someone to charge his devices or when the battery runs out he tosses it out and gets a new one the joys of being the CEO of Apple.

      The biggest problem with CEO compensation is they have no idea why other people can’t just run out and drop $5,000 on a new MacBook Pro or iMac Pro or whatever it is they are selling every year.

  2. Just like a “form over function” mentality, it must be a “cost over convenience” one.
    I am almost certain that the removal of MagSafe, 3.5mm jack, a minimum number of ports, soldered components (in addition to preventing from user accessible upgrading), are typical production cost cut measures. A lessening of production cost is done by every mfr but when the cost over convenience becomes too obvious with outrageous overpricing, buyers’ revolt occurs.

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