iCloud makes the Apple retail store experience a total mess

“My wife was complaining that her iPhone 7 Plus was getting clunky and slow. Look, I know that I probably could have just cleaned the darn thing up and done a software reset, but as it was Hanukkah, I figured I could score a few points,” Jason Perlow writes for ZDNet. “‘Honey, would you like a new iPhone XR? It’s a really nice phone. Apple will give you $300 for your old phone, right now.'”

“The answer, of course, was ‘whatever you think, honey,'” Perlow writes. “So after picking out a coral iPhone XR 128GB (orange! She wanted orange?) on the Apple Store website, I elected to pick up the phone at the Apple retail location at the Boca Town Center Mall. And then we would go get some dinner.”

MacDailyNews Take: As always: Go Orange!

“So the Genius begins the backup process using the in-store Wi-Fi. The old iPhone says it’s going to take 30 minutes,” Perlow writes. “30 minutes in, it says it’s going to take another 37 minutes. We both look at each other. My wife says ‘I’m hungry’ with that look on her face which I know is a warning sign. At this point, I am beyond hungry, I’m feeling hangry as well. We need to go eat. Soon. So I jump on the Wi-Fi with my own iPhone and do a SpeedTest.”

“It turns out the Boca Raton Apple store has a shared 100 megabit connection with asynchronous 14 megabit uploads. And the store was absolutely filled with people trying to do the same thing competing for that bandwidth. It was iPhone XR Upgrade Day,” Perlow writes. “I did the math in my head. This was not good.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Three points:

1. Apple should put in real Internet connections (to pay for it, maybe use the $38.15 profit from the $39 iPhone XR plastic case you’re shamelessly peddling, Tim & Co.)

2. Apple needs to stop being unbelievably stingy bastages with iCloud storage, including how much they offer gratis. Right now, it’s how little they offer.

3. Until Apple gets around to the above two points (don’t hold your breath), back up your iPhone before you go to a store fro trade-in.

Apple is stingy and should at the very least give users 5GB of iCloud storage per device. — MacDailyNews, July 15, 2016

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  1. Apple should not even mention Photos iCloud backup unless:
    1. They give you at least a free 10 GB backup with EACH iOS Device.

    You are buying extra iCloud backup

    Otherwise, the user should not even be able to backup Photo to iCloud. It just causes enormous frustration for non-savvy users.

    1. Here is a radical idea: Apple provides the same exact amount of FREE iCloud storage to match the device purchase. Oh wait, never happen because no profit for pipeline. Half, possibly?… 🤞

  2. Unbelievable isn’t it how mean can a super rich company actually get in its quest to seriously piss off and perhaps lose its customers. Short sighted hardly does them due credit for their myopia. I keep getting hints to upgrade my iCloud storage it’s not expensive true but it’s the principle, I am dammed if I am going to let this company screw me after getting me to pay substantial amounts for its products to start with while it sits on its billions of profits and spends rediculous amounts on door knobs at its new Campus. Methinks Cook is becoming to think he is some third world potentate. They say he reads customer commentary and feedback for an hour or so every morning let’s hope he reads this and look in the mirror for once rather than lecturing everyone else on doing do.

    1. Are you trying for some kind of award for how many negative adjectives you can get into one short post?

      If only Apple could be like all those generous companies out there — Gaggle, Microscom, Samcopy and more.

    2. “Unbelievable isn’t it how mean can a super rich company actually get in its quest to seriously piss off and perhaps lose its customers.”

      Unbelievable, indeed! “Perhaps” it is not exactly accurate, the word is DEFINITE. My younger brother a devoted Mac addict since his FIRST iMac computer (Blueberry) in the late 1990s recently made a HUGE switch.

      With a group of investors, artists and writers they founded a 3D animation corporation in Austin launched last week and guess what. For the first time in his life he and his colleagues are working on all Pro PCs for affordability, speed and upgradability.

      His older brother is eyeing
      2019 as make or break for this Apple pro since the 1980s. I have been working side by side on both platforms for decades. Much prefer Apple, but I am hard pressed and no longer see a clear cut distinct advantage. Both companies get the job done albeit differently. For example, Windows can be less efficient and a pain at times. But factor in the cost savings and speed, not a problem. Easy to ignore as junk mail.

      Cook is absolutely clueless to what he has NOT done for the core Apple base and pro users everywhere. If ALL Macs were upgraded almost yearly, the fastest and cost affordable — Apple’s second largest revenue source would easily negate the slowdown in iPhone sales. Since he is off on a rainbow fantasy the iPad will replace computers has blinded him for years.

      Hopefully, his comeuppance is on the horizon…

  3. Wearisome reading what little I can stand of these how I spent my summer bitchy comments trying to sound factual, or I could run Apple much better attitudes, especially considering that they could drop apple immediately and move on. It’s like Andy Warhol 5 minutes of fame gone bad.

  4. This story is ridiculous. Why wasn’t the wife’s original iPhone already backed up as SOP? That is doubly true if you are planning to switch to a new iPhone. This article just reeks of someone attempting to find a reason to lambast Apple.

    That said:

    Yes, Apple should have wider internet bandwidth at Apple Stores

    Yes, Apple needs to improve iCloud functionality and significantly increase the default storage capacity to make “just works” work without frustration out of the box.

    That said, you can upgrade to 50GB for very little money and I don’t understand why you equate this to being ripped off by Apple. The backup storage is a service, not an entitlement. Some people don’t use it and don’t want the cost to be baked into other products.

    You seem so angry over something so trivial, spy. I sympathize, but you can find better things on which to focus your ire.

    1. You trying to have it both ways is “ridiculous“ and contradictory. You just don’t see it. The Apple customers were treated poorly and totally unacceptable and NO fanboy excuses will change reality. Shame on greedy Apple…

  5. Did anybody here read the article beyond the headline? The problem wasn’t iCloud. It was that the Apple Store had a slow upload connection to the Internet. Still a problem, but unrelated to the problems you are dragging in.

    1. Never the less.
      The complainer would not have had the issue if he had the knowledge and the habbit of backing up at home/office..

      The issue stems from his incompetence or laziness.

      1. Just how do you know what the user did or did not do? The issue is NOT the user. The issue is cheapskate cash rich Apple with inadequate internet service for customers traveling miles and some, yours truly, hours to an Apple store. That is not customer service, it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE…

        1. He knows what the user did because he read the article. The author quite specifically states that the device had not been backed up. If it had been, either to iTunes or iCloud, the swap out at the Apple Store would have taken just a few minutes. Instead, the user (and a crowd of other customers) went into a store during a trade-in promotion with a phone that had not been backed up.

          The only way to swap phones at that point without losing all the emails stored on the device was to backup and restore using iCloud over an internet connection shared with thirty other people doing the same thing (on top of the other internet traffic the store generated). Thirty 128GB iPhones would require uploading over 4 terabytes of data on an asynchronous link the author describes as having a 14 megabit speed up, and then downloading the same 4TB at 100 megabits down.

          That cannot be made any faster without a faster connection, and I would guess that the Apple Store had the fastest internet connection available from any ISP operating at that location. Not even a “cash rich” company like Apple can readily work around that problem unless it is willing to spend megabucks to install direct fiber connections from backbone nodes to every store for the two or three times a year that a gigabit connection is needed.

          Even you must concede that Tim Cook is not responsible for the overpriced and underperforming internet service available from the effective monopolies operating in most of America.

  6. This is a ridiculous non story. So someone didn’t back up their iphone. Not apples fault. They then sat and waited. Their choice. Tip – go find another wi Fi spot less crowded. Use personal hotspot. Nip home then back. You chose to sit in a busy store, didn’t leave and hadn’t backed up your own device and you’re frustrated? No wonder Trump got in..

    1. Yes, they should have backed up the phone as INSURANCE before they walked into the Apple Store because customer service is not what it used to be under Cook.

      MDN take: “1. Apple should put in real Internet connections (to pay for it, maybe use the $38.15 profit from the $39 iPhone XR plastic case you’re shamelessly peddling, Tim & Co.”

      It is indefensible and totally unacceptable the richest company in history does not provide the best customer experience possible. No fanboy on Earth can deny that FACT.

      Trump was elected because the average person sees reality for what it is, sorry to read you do not. Blame it on the deplorables and close your eyes to how awful privileged Hillary was as an elitist out of touch candidate and how poorly the “teaching moment” politically correct lecturer in chief performed for eight years. Simply badly needed hope and change…

  7. Let me get this straight. If I own an iPhone, Watch, iPad, MacBook, and mini, and I use the same iCloud account on all of them, I get the same amount of iCloud space as a person who only has one device on their iCloud account?

    Apple should increase your iCloud account size for every device connected to your iCloud account. I spent a lot more money buying all those devices.

    1. Let me get this straight, someone that can afford an iPhone, Watch, iPad, MacBook and mini can’t afford $10 a month for 2 TB?

      There may be some liberals that want a giveaway, but I pay for what I use.

    2. Excellent point. Posted earlier the free iCloud storage should match the device purchased, or at least half. Did not factor in multiple devices purchases as you pointed out. At the very least, seems more than fair to offer free storage at least 5GB PER DEVICE. Would not hold my breath beancounter Cook getting it done for loyal customers…

    3. Let me get this straight. If I own two cars from Toyota and I use the same gas credit card on both of them, I get the same amount of fuel for a dollar as a person that has an identical account but only one car?

      Big Oil should increase the amount of gas you get per dollar for every car you fuel with that account. I spent a lot more money buying two cars, rather than one.

      Apple charges the same for every iCloud account, no matter how many computers use it. Well, have you considered getting a separate iCloud account for each device and using family sharing? It might be inconvenient, but it does get you more something for nothing… which seems to be the expectation here.

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