12 Siri tips you’ll wish you’d used before

“Everybody likes to learn a few tips that will save them time, so I’ve identified a dozen things Siri will do for you that you may never have come across before,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Siri will remind you of almost any content you are interacting with – email, texts, web pages, podcasts,” Evans writes. “All you need to do is ask Siri when in the content (on an open email, website, etc) to ‘Remind me of this.’ Siri will create a Reminder with a link back to that specific item of content. You can even ask it to set a reminder to a certain time: ‘Remind me of this at 10am Thursday.'”

“I use Twitter a lot. It’s the best barometer of what is happening of all the social networks,” Evans writes. “Did you know that you can say ‘Hey Siri, what’s trending?’ and it will show you all the currently trending topics on the social network.”

10 more Siri tips you’ll wish you’d used before here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve found Siri to be excellent for conversions, calculations, sports scores, and reminders. For what type(s) of things do you most use Siri?


  1. Mostly when driving…
    …remind me when I get home to do XXX
    ..remind me when I leave work to pick up cleaners
    ..play songs by artist Y
    ..read back message from so-and-so.
    ..text wife… I’m on my way [comma] do I need to pick up kids?
    ..call mom

    1. If ONLY I had decent, consistent cell reception in the hilly area I live in. OR, if Apple could get Siri to work on the device. Siri shouldn’t have to “phone home” to play music on my device, read back messages that I have already received, add a reminder, etc.

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