Microsoft said to replace failed Edge web browser

“Microsoft is failing to make an impact with the Edge web browser after years of trying, and the rumor is it’s set to be replaced,” Matthew Humphries reports for PC Magazine.

“As Windows Central reports, Microsoft is apparently preparing to end support for the Edge browser and its EdgeHTML rendering engine,” Humphries reports. “Instead, a new web browser will be launched which will be powered by Chromium. Google created and maintains the open source Chromium project and it forms the basis for the company’s proprietary Chrome browser. The Opera and Vivaldi browsers also use Chromium.”

“Although Microsoft has yet to confirm the news, it’s unclear how this new browser will be presented to Windows users,” Humphries reports. “It is being referred to internally as Anaheim, but could end up taking the name Edge for continuity on Windows 10. So the EdgeHTML rendering engine will disappear, but the browser name may remain. Alternatively, Microsoft could select a new name and start a fresh marketing campaign to help launch it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Relentlessly the Borg consumes.


  1. This is what people don’t like about Microsoft is how they so easily abandon stuff, makng them less trustworthy. (Of course Apple is no slouch at dropping support and items either.)

  2. I still miss Netscape
    I use Opera, on both my Windows and Macs, Safari on my iMac and MBA. Chrome, and old version of IE, and DuckDuckGo and Puffin on my Windows10 machine. Only go into Edge if Windows forces me to.

  3. It is unbelievable how many Mac users claim their computing platform is secure and then they turn around and install spyware Chrome on their machines. What does Chrome supposedly do that Safari cannot?

    Better Alternatives to both of the mobile browser gorillas include:
    Firefox (still the best, including derivatives SeaMonkey, Camino, Ghostzilla, Epiphany, Galleon, etc), iCab (a great independent with a super interface), Opera (sadly now owned by Golden Brick a Chinese company that doubtfully cares about your privacy any more than Google), Vivaldi, and Netsurf, and others.

    According to current Statcounter statistics, #4 Safari and #5 Edge both trail #3 Internet Explorer and #2 Firefox and #1 Chrome by huge margins. Don’t forget that Chrome, IE, Safari, and Edge are all defaults and therefore are obviously going to dominate the usage stats. Firefox is the #2 browser worldwide because it is so much better — it’s fast, it’s customizable, it’s private, it’s up to date, and its secure. But it requires users to seek it out and install it. Of course you can slow it down with endless plugins, but you don’t have to.

  4. Firefox is average for me does a job but with a horrible interface do comes in second for me. Safari is just so much more, well unnoticeable shall we say for it just does what you need without a fuss or having to think about it all the ont fools are clear and I like that, also looks good. Chrome never allow it on my present machine had it on my previous and if you have Little Snitch it is scary what it does and actually is built to make software like LS practically unusable as any rules you set up Chrome just bombards you with the same never ending requests from a different direction to get around it. Worse still when you try to get rid of Chrome you find its so intertwined with hour system it will still make requests even when you think it’s gone. Only a clean install got rid of its tricks in the end, it’s just malicious malware of the worst order.

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