Samsung tweets 331 times – from an Apple iPhone

“Things are different these days,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for ZDNet. “We’ve learned from the formative years of tech. We’ve come to understand that, as we raced along with the wind in our inventive sails, we occasionally blundered.”

“We moved fast, broke things and occasionally embarrassed ourselves,” Matyszczyk reports. “One of the favorites over the years was celebrities being paid by one brand, yet tweeting from their iPhones.”

“It seems our learning in this area has been slow. For now we have reached an apex of sorts: Samsung just tweeted from an iPhone,” Matyszczyk reports. “The tweet was spotted by famed web video producer and gadget reviewer Marques Brownlee.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Actual Android phones are really only for Joe and Jane Sixpack who are too cheap to grasp the value proposition or who too ignorant to properly value their security, privacy, money, and time.

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  1. You’re saying Android smartphones are only for the Joe’s and Jane’s but Wall Street says this is a good thing for Android manufacturers and bad for Apple as we can tell from these last few week’s value losses. There seem to be an awful lot of people in this world who don’t think that things like security or privacy is very important. They’re obviously not willing to pay the higher price of an iPhone or at least that’s what Wall Street thinks.

    It would be interesting to find out if iPhone sales really caved this quarter but there isn’t going to be any way to easily find out if Apple doesn’t say. There will be all sorts of rampant speculation and I’m not sure if it’s going to be in Apple’s favor but it probably won’t be. There are too many factions trying to stick a knife into Apple’s back. Each time some company passes Apple in market cap, there’s some mighty loud cheering in the background and they’re certain Apple is down for the count.

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