Apple seems to be seriously increasing spending on iPhone TV ads this year

“In the face of a slowing smartphone market, Apple has raised its spending on iPhone advertising by a factor of five, a MediaRadar study claims,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “”

“Apple is apparently spending five times as much promoting its iPhone X range than it did pushing the iPhone 8/8 Plus last year,” Evans writes. “‘The iPhone X series has been given 12 unique TV spots, while iPhone 8’s had three,’ the study claims.”

“There’s also a lot of money being spent by carriers this time around,” Evans writes. “AT&T spent over $85 million on iPhone X TV ads, making it the largest promoter of the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR, apparently.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whatever it takes to move some units and get Home button-free X-class iPhones into wide use ASAP!

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  1. Yeah, up from practically none (as far as i’m concerned), how about advertising all of the other products as well.

    Gotta say, through this slightly dark period with AAPL, I have to give kudos to MDN for their enthusiastic cheerleading and spirit. It’s not easy,,, Keep the “THK” thing going…

    1. Remember Mac ads? I do. Pipeline has never seen one.

      Ever see an Apple Pay ad? I haven’t.

      Ever see an Apple TV ad? Nope. It’s just a hobby.

      Remember when everyone, even non Apple fans knew about “Think Different”? I do.

      Pipeline puts as much effort into marketing as he does upgrading the Mac Pro.

      The gutless, drooling fan boys here will still defend Pipeline.

      They will constantly defend Pipeline and his feckless leadership.

      1. The lack of decent Apple adverts for their complete product line is such a grievous and serious (not to mention egotistical) omission, yes, one questions the sanity & business acumen of it’s leadership who shouldn’t take anything for granted. Nor leave money on the table by their hubris as if Apple is above actually informing the public of their products on an ongoing basis.

        Sorry Tim, not everyone tunes into Apple Events and watches the world’s most uncomfortable & uncharismatic public speaking CEO introduce new products. It ain’t enough. I’d call that a big D’OH! The limited advertising shows a distinct lack of corporate imagination. All the more unfathomable when you consider it would be chump change for them to do it properly.

  2. I don’t think hardly ever advertised the iPhone X…but the Xs and the Xr are running commercials ad nauseam I haver bought a iPhone every year since the 3 this year there simply was not enough difference from my 256 MB X to justify a Xs…so I got the series 4 instead…its got to be incredibly hard to design and develop new wiz-band features every year!

  3. Well Apple does have to work hard to convince people to replace nicely sized modestly priced iPhones that they already own with overpriced oled models that don’t fit in their pockets and DON’T ACTUALLY DO REAL WORLD TASKS BETTER OR FASTER. Of course none of the ads seem to do a good job at that, but the increased desperation from Apple is obvious.

    If Apple had real leadership, it would offer in its lineup today a nice sturdy thick 4.5” screen phone with touchid at a reasonable price. No oles, no faceid, and no discounts necessary to sell them.

        1. Yes, both are oversold hype and not very useful. Unless you are some closet adoring tech nerd claiming to be cool and showing off. I touch the home button on my SE and my fingerprint opens the phone 99% of the time instantly. Not sure if lasers are used, but facial recognition is not worth the cost of an upgrade. Actually, very little is upgraded so the extra cost is simply not worth it. Cook, the chickens have finally come home to roost…

  4. How about an ad that doesn’t have an urban millennial dancing?

    How about an ad blitz for the Mac, which is never advertised? How about ads explaining why its better than a Windows computer? How about ads that show Apple is committed to the very best desktops and laptops in the world?

    How about some ads for Apple Pay showing someone using it with a Watch and an iPhone and explaining its more secure?

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