Singapore Airlines equips pilots with Apple iPads

“Being a pilot may seem glamorous and fun, but there’s a ton of prep and paperwork that goes on behind the scenes,” Aloysius Low reports for CNET. “There’s flying hours to keep track of, visas that may be expiring, minor defects in the next plane to know, who you’re flying with, potential weather problems as well as other administrative tasks that need to be done.”

“But Singapore Airlines wants to change that for its pilots — and it’s leveraging Apple’s iPad to do so to make the ‘pilot duty process’ easier for its frequent flyers,” Low reports. “The airline started looking into this back in 2015, before rolling out iPads loaded with two essential custom apps, FlyNow and Roster. These iPads are secured with Apple’s TouchID, letting them ditch the previously used two-factor authentication dongles pilots had to carry around. That’s on top of the other apps that give pilots detailed weather information and flight charting information.”

“Singapore Airlines isn’t the only aviation company that’s tapping on Apple’s iPad for cockpit use — British Airways also rolled out its own version of piloting apps earlier this year. You can bet other airlines aren’t lagging far behind either,” Low reports. “All of which leaves just one question: Where are the Android tablets in all of this?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Where are the Android tablets in all of this?

SOL. Android tablets are insecure garbage with blown up Android phone apps which are themselves to many cases nothing more than watered down ports of iOS apps.

Bottom line: One of the word’s greatest airlines with the world’s greatest tablet!

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  1. “You can bet other airlines aren’t lagging far behind either,”

    He’s right, but not in the implied sense that Singapore is a leader. He’s right because most of the other airlines have already been using iPads for years. United, American, Delta are already there, and I think most of the smaller ones are too.

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