Inside a huge data center filled with Apple Macs

Snazzy Labs visits a company that takes Mac mini and Mac Pro to the next level.

“Macs aren’t for pros,” they said…. Well guess what? They’re wrong!

MacStadium has colocations of Mac servers located all around the world. Mac mini, Mac Pro, and iMac Pro are all used by Fortune 500 companies and developers for enterprise-class infrastructure and private clouds.

Snazzy Labs’ host, Quinn Nelson, takes a tour of one of America’s most quirky tech companies:
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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to Brian and everyone at MacStadium on their Apple event spotlight!

Dearest, most-treasured interns: Do what you do best.

Prost, everyone!

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  1. Not impressed. I used MacMiniColo since 2007 when MacStadium took them over a couple of years ago. Immediately afterward my machines were getting assaulted and hacked much more than with MacMiniColo. Service went through extra layers and the UI for resetting / power-cycling the machines didn’t work correctly AT ALL – couldn’t tell what was happening. Combine that with the fact that Apple is busily pulling server libraries and services and the general decline of OSX – and we pulled our minis and went to Linode. No regrets.

      1. Nick – why? I don’t like the perennial whinylittlebitches, hatebois and trolls, but that seems (to my non-techy brain) like a concrete, specific and valid criticism. No?

    1. I signed up with Macconnect over 20 years ago — before they went live. For many years they were absolutely 100% Apple/Mac. They even hosted several of the bigger named Apple/Mac ‘net sites and services providers.

      MacStadium is just a larger version of Macconnect.

  2. Has Apple issued a rationale for not using its own, Mac products in its server farms? Because, it seems to me, that it should in order to demonstrate commitment to what it sells.

    1. Apple killed off the X Serve and has turned OS X Server into some kind of thing on the app store.

      Back when Apple was selling OS X Server and the HW, they were running much of their stuff on Solaris.

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