iPhone Xs? iPhone Xr? Buying a new iPhone is a lot more complicated than it used to be

“The iPhone XR hits stores on Friday, and everybody is flipping out about it being the most affordable new iPhone. Starting at $750, however, the XR isn’t actually that much cheaper in the grander scheme of things,” Adam Clark Estes writes for Gizmodo. “And yet, to the casual observer, the device also looks a heck of a lot like the undeniably expensive iPhone XS, which starts at $1,000.”

“For a lot of people, the decision will be obvious. The iPhone XR is bigger, cheaper, and basically does all the same stuff as the iPhone XS,” Estes writes. “For others, the full-featured iPhone XS will be an investment, a gadget they’ll own and love for years to come. And then, a clever group of people will realize that you can still buy the iPhone X — which is seemingly identical to the iPhone XS — for $900, which is just $150 more than the XR. But still, a lot of people will decide the iPhone XR is good enough.”

“Before we get deeper into the details of the new phones, let’s agree on one thing: buying a new iPhone is a lot more complicated than it used to be,” Estes writes. “The most thrifty choice is a 32GB iPhone 7 at $450. The speediest is an iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage for $1,450. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, now there’s an iPhone for just about everyone! (And, no, while it may seem that way to those who know/care nothing of processors, Neural Engines, IP68 water resistance, advanced bokeh and Depth Control, Smart HDR, extended dynamic range for video, stereo recording, cinematic video stabilization, and more, the iPhone X is not identical to the iPhone XS.)


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