It took Apple less than four days to sell out initial iPhone Xr supply

“Apple late Monday sold out of launch day iPhone XR supply in the U.S. and beyond, with orders placed through the company’s online storefront now showing estimated delivery dates pushed out to November,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppelInsider. “The online Apple store is showing stockouts of all colors and capacities in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, the UK, the U.S. and many other countries where the device was made available for preorder last Friday. ”

“Currently, Apple’s storefront displays an estimated delivery date of Nov. 1 or ‘1 to 2 weeks,’ depending on the region,” Campbell reports. “Initial shipments are scheduled to arrive at customer doorsteps and in Apple retail stores on Oct. 26. ”

“The stockout arrives a few hours shy of four full days of iPhone XR preorder availability,” Campbell reports. “As usual, the number of units Apple managed to manufacture in the buildup to launch is unknown, though some analysts put the figure at around 12 million.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As expected, Apple has yet another massive hit on their hands!

As Apple intended. The iPhone Xr is the X-class iPhone for the masses!MacDailyNews, October 16, 2018

Why would the hoi polloi choose the 5.8-inch iPhone Xs when they can get the 6.1-inch iPhone XR? They don’t know the difference between LCD and OLED, they have no idea what 3D Touch is, and it looks/works pretty much the same to them – plus it comes in colors (that they’ll immediately cover with a case; no matter, colors sell).MacDailyNews, September 20, 2018

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    1. I’m sure you know already that no iPhone sells well in India. India is the land of the $100 Android smartphone which is a long way off from Apple’s lowest-priced iPhone XR’s $750 price-tag.

      Ask the same thing next year and the results will still be the same. iPhone in India=NO SALE. No matter. Apple will likely continue to be a trillion-dollar company a year from now even if not one Indian consumer buys an iPhone.

      1. Exactly, very well said. Which is why like many, i am baffled as to why Tim Cook wasted so much time and resources trying to Charm India, when he is neglecting Mac Hardware and not concentrating on the numerous Soft Ware and hard ware issues, like butterfly keyboards. Obviously my rhetorical question was aimed at disillusional Pro Indians at this site who are very silent now. I have said this before and will say it again, India is a no go for a company like Apple. India is over rated and misleading and the situation on the ground is nowhere as Rosy as the Pro Indians would try to project. Its corrupt privileged upper classes who make a living out of slave and child labour can get Apple gear from Dubai and Singapore. No need for Apple to be in India and go through the bureaucratic hell hole that country is. Apple has enough money, profit and advantage, and should stop being greedy. Let Andriod have that market. Or the Indians should make their own smart phone and OS, they have 1 billion People plus, so more reason so have their own Indian OS instead of relying on Andriod.

  1. i find it hilarious how many youtubers were spewing hate: “Don’t buy the XR” theme…

    yeah, those Apple haters can shut up now. no one in the Apple Sphere cares about them… except their fellow Android “but we did this before Apple” crowd.

    1. Those Youtubers are tech-heads who get to try every new Android smartphone that comes out so they can compare all of them to the iPhone XR. If they’ve test all those new Android smartphones and all those smartphones have full-HD displays, then they can point at Apple and say Apple is cheating their customers by giving them display tech from 2014. Those reviewers can’t rationalize why Apple doesn’t offer a full-HD display on an iPhone costing $750. However, the average consumer isn’t likely to make a big deal out of it where many consumers are happy just to get an iPhone in their favorite color.

      There are always a lot of Youtubers telling people NOT to buy this or that smartphone because they don’t think some smartphone is worth having. Usually it just boils down to personal preferences because almost all flagship smartphones are pretty damn good and most consumers should be happy with them. I see people using battered-up and old mid-range smartphones and they still can’t put them down. Those people appear to be satisfied with them. Most consumers will settle for far less of a smartphone than any Youtuber.

      Hating on the iPhone XR because of the display resolution honestly doesn’t make much sense because that display is a pretty decent display even if it isn’t up to full-HD display. You could just say it’s nitpicking on the part of a tech-head or maybe someone who has excellent vision.

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