Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro again said to dump Lightning for USB-C

“Apple earlier today officially confirmed its upcoming special event for October 30th. At the event, the company is expected to unveil new Macs, as well as a new iPad Pro with USB-C instead of Lightning,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Supply chain blog Macotakara is out with its own report, again suggesting USB-C for the iPad Pro.”

“Previously, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had suggested the 2018 iPad Pro models would drop Lightning connectivity in favor of USB-C,” Miller reports. “Then, last week, we reported that the USB-C switch would enable features such as 4K video output and more.”

Miller reports, “Macotakara says that it talked to numerous accessory makers at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong this week, and the consensus was that the 2018 iPad Pro would feature USB-C instead of Lightning.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Because the accessory makers read the blogs.

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  1. Why do they insist on having just one port on the iPads? There is plenty of room for more. It would be wonderful if iPads could use memory sticks – these are far easier and faster then any wireless networking solution I’ve ever seen.

    And the Apple Pen seems centrally designed to wreck the one port you have to force you to by a new iPad… oh.

  2. Excellent point. Single-port devices (MacBook, and now all things iOS) are cripped for audio, video, and data exchange. I have always been a strong advocate for keeping the charging port, AV I/O, and data ports all separate, and all using industry standard connectors. Apple has always screwed the customer with proprietary connections, and as they gain more market power, the matter isn’t getting better.

    Apple has been part of the USB consortium for many years. If Apple was still a user-focused company, it would have guided the industry to use a license-fee USB-C with all the positive characteristics that people like, and maybe even a bit more robustness, instead of pushing their own expensive proprietary Lightning connector. Apple is so cheap today that they sell iPhones with a Lightning-to-USB-A connector with the charger. They aren’t smart enough to update the chargers to USB-C.

    Now that Apple has been ____slowly___ implementing USB-C on its Macs, what’s so hard about getting USB-C everywhere???? Forcing overpriced adapter sales is the goal, not pleasing the customer. That illustrates perfectly where Apple’s priorities are.

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