Apple debuts new USB-C magnetic Apple Watch charger

“Alongside the iPhone XR, Apple today released a new 0.3m Magnetic Apple Watch Charger that’s equipped with a USB-C connector for the first time,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“At $29, the USB-C version of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger is priced the same as the USB-A version that’s long been available,” Clover reports.

“The USB-C version of the Apple Watch Charger is only available in 0.3m, and is not available in the longer 1m and 2m lengths,” Clover reports. “It’s not clear why Apple has decided to only offer it in the smaller size, but additional chargers with longer USB-C cables could be added in the future.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Useful for those with USB-C power adapters and/or USB-C-equipped Macs.

As always, we recommend the US$9.99 elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t have an AW, so I don’t know how the Magnetic Apple Watch Charger is constructed – but it sounds like the USB-C cable is hardwired to the charger. Even so, it should be possible to purchase a USB-C extension cable if you need more than 0.3m (~12″).

    IMO, Apple should design its chargers and other devices with a USB-C port so that any USB-C to USB-C cable can be used to interconnect between the ends. The old iPhone Dock (25-pin connector) was designed in that fashion. It is important not to constrain the lifetime of a charger by its cable.

  2. Getting one of those. These are for folks like me that travel all the time. I don’t need a 3m cord to carry with me, I just need a way to charge my Apple Watch when its setting on my desk at night in my hotel. Plugging it into my Mac which is also charging on the hotel desk would be a big help.

  3. The old cables were too long, I always had to coil them up. As I use a USB-C hub, shorter cables are preferred.

    I wonder if the watch charges faster, not that it matters, as it typically takes me half an hour to charge up from 50% to full, my Series 3.

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