Saudi ties entangle Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective

“Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance has become a litmus test for business leaders,” Dylan Byers reports for NBC News. “The allegation that Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist who wrote for The Washington Post, was brutally murdered at the hands of Saudi officials has forced executives to reckon with their ties to the Arab kingdom. Some, like Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, have suspended business dealings there. Several, including JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, have backed out of the high-profile Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh.”

Laurene Powell Jobs
Laurene Powell Jobs
“For others, like Laurene Powell Jobs, the founder of the powerful philanthropic investment group Emerson Collective, which owns a majority stake in The Atlantic, the ties are more nuanced — and perhaps more complicated,” Byers reports. “Powell Jobs does not have business dealings with Saudi Arabia. She was never scheduled to attend the Future Investment Initiative. But one of her closest aides at Emerson, Michael Klein, is a highly influential power broker for the Saudi kingdom and its U.S. investments.”

“Klein, a Wall Street rainmaker and former Citigroup executive, is a managing partner at Emerson and helps manage the company’s business, which includes investments in a variety of media properties such as Axios and OZY Media in addition to its majority stake in The Atlantic,” Byers reports. “Powell Jobs has known Klein since college, even before she met her husband Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder and CEO. In addition to handling business affairs for Emerson, those familiar with Klein describe him as an informal adviser to Powell Jobs. ‘He’s kind of the final voice in Laurene’s ear,’ said one source with knowledge of their relationship. A spokesperson for Emerson declined to comment on the ties.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For some reason, we just got the urge to go watch some Bourne films.

Aidan McLaughlin reports for Mediate that, per two sources who spoke to CNN, “the Saudis are preparing a report admitting that they intended to abduct and bring Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia, but that he was inadvertently killed in the process. The report is intended, per CNN, to absolve the Saudi government of responsibility for the murder by claiming the operation was not cleared.”

“Earlier on Monday, President Donald Trump said he spoke with Saudi King Salman, who ‘firmly denied any knowledge’ of the murder of Khashoggi,” McLaughlin reports. “Trump also said Salman suggested those responsible for his death could be ‘rogue killers.'”

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    1. I LIKE the fact that the oligarchic media are all of a sudden outraged about the disappearance of this guy but they were totally fine with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia backing Al-Qaeda in 9/11 terrorist acts, spreading Wahhabism/Salafism (globalist terrorist ideology) around the world, and managing genocidal famine and endless bombings in Yemen, started with the help of Obama.

    1. Hard to discern the childish attitude from the left:
      Ignorant and mentally lazy, or mentally lazy and ignorant.

      Never mind….it all comes out the same in the wash
      (I recommend vinegar in the rinse).

        1. I don’t get you not getting it.
          There are no winners in this play.

          Turkey is a bust, the Saudis fucked up big time and Khashoggi was a scumbag.

          Just don’t look at the current situations in South Africa, Haiti, Venezuela, or any place that doesn’t somehow have Trump in imaginary crosshairs because the media doesn’t give a good-god-damn about these shithole places.

          It’s ALL about how to frame Trump in a bad light and nothing about reality.
          Nothing else matters to the press.

  1. Sunni religious freaks are bad people. Way worse than Shia. Saudi Arabia got tired of simply hand-chopping and hanging people in public. Now it’s eviscerating and disposing people in secret. But, once again, Apple’s iPhone comes to the rescue of info of who and where the murder took place inside the SA embassy. How long before the US’s friend’s practice infiltrates into the US?

  2. A fake journalist who was a known collaborator with bin Laden fulfills his real life purpose as becoming cat food. Don’t give a fat rats ass.

    Let’s focus on real new, eh? To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, Pocahontas doesn’t know the difference between Indian genes and blue jeans!

      1. No, BigX knows all about the racism of Elizabeth Warren. She falsified her application perpetuating a race based on an old conversation with relatives and family lore decades ago to get a job at Harvard.

        Her DNA results proved her dead wrong. The test did not even use Native American DNA because it is not available. A spokesman for the Cherokee Nation called her out for “inappropriate” use of DNA and “false.” One of many stories on this topic in one of your favorite liberal publications:

        “The average American of European descent is 0.18 percent Native American.” That would be double of Warren, how rich.

        So, she used a false race to advance her career. Imagine that, another lying liberal. Guess it’s just in their DNA…

        1. Lies, lies, lies.

          Lie 1: “She falsified her application perpetuating a race based on an old conversation with relatives and family lore decades ago to get a job at Harvard.” There is no evidence that she ever used a claim of Indian ancestry to get a job at Harvard or anyplace else. It doesn’t even appear on the applications. She got the Harvard job because she was the acknowledged #1 authority on US bankruptcy law while she was a distinguished professor at the University of Texas. As well say that Donald Trump used his German ancestry (or was it Swedish?) to get a job in Washington.

          Lie 2: “Her DNA results proved her dead wrong.” You are confusing a claim of Indian ancestry with a claim of tribal membership. The two are completely independent for historical reasons you would find tedious. There are registered members of the Cherokee Nation that have a 1/8196 quantum of Indian blood by the tribe’s own reckoning, There are other people who can easily prove 100% Cherokee ancestry who are not members. It all depends on whether they have a direct ancestor lucky enough to get onto a list drawn up by the US Government in 1907. That’s why the Cherokee spokesman explained that the use of DNA to determine tribal status is false. He did not say, and would never say, that everybody with Cherokee blood is listed on the tribal registry. He certainly did not say that a DNA test can prove that someone does NOT have Indian ancestors.

          Lie 3: The big lie, of course, is that we can make America “great again” by putting uppity women and pushy minorities back in their proper subservient place. If someone can use “Pocahontas” as an insult, why not the N-word or the C-word?

          1. The REAL reason the DNA testers had to resort to using South American aboriginal DNA samples for comparisons with FauxCahontas’s specimen? Her sample contained NO northern American / Native American match. Hence the Dummycrat’s new claim that no authentic Native American DNA reference samples could be found to match against Warren’s. What a hoot her false claims have turned out to be. Hillary-ously funny!!

          2. 1. Elizabeth Warren self-identified as a “Native American” in the The Association of American Law Schools Directory of law professors in every edition printed between 1986 -1995.

            2. After becoming a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Warren demanded the University change her faculty listed ethnicity from “white” to “Native American.”

            3. Warren was identified by Harvard Law as a “woman of color.” Harvard promoted Warren’s hire as expanding their campus diversity by hiring a woman with “minority background” onto their faculty.

          3. I am going to be charitable, citizen, and suggest you are misinformed.

            For religious and social reasons, the Indian Nations have persuaded the US Government to pass laws that prohibit the use of Indian remains for scientific purposes. Remains from the pre-contact period that might provide a base sample of unmixed native DNA are turned over to the local tribe for burial without testing, All that is available. therefore, are living persons–who cannot be relied on as an unmixed sample after centuries of intermarriage (and less formal mixing).

            Necessarily, the profiles used for genetic genealogy studies have to use the best data available, which is drawn from pre-Columbian remains in Latin America. Comparisons between living North and South Americans suggest that there wasn’t much difference between the two populations in pre-contact times.

            The Warren samples contained no North American matches because there are no reliable references to match it against. They did contain DNA markers consistent with descent from a minority of ancestors who crossed over into the Americas from Asia 14,000 years ago (more or less). That claim isn’t false. It is the best scientific evidence available.

            1. Good to read others refute your selective deflections, distortions and misinformation. Warren lied after a dubious flawed test and is no more honest or Native American than I am. NOTHING you can post changes the facts and the condemnation she is getting in conservative and liberal media (USA TODAY for one) that you did not mention. Sorry, you LOSE so suck it up…

            2. I don’t happen to like Elizabeth Warren’s politics, but she deserves criticism based on actual facts. I am concerned with how many “deflections, distortions, and misinformation” are circulating on this issue from people who couldn’t identify the Dawes Act (the key issue here) if it ran up and bit them.

              To play your favorite game, what about Donald Trump claiming to be Swedish until at least 1987, when he repeated the claim in the first printing of The Art of the Deal? He is no more Swedish than I am and considerably less concerned with actual facts. Why does he get a pass for lying about his heritage when Warren catches hell for expressing an honest belief about hers?

            3. Warren has been proven wrong all over the media spectrum, particularly acute in the Cherokee Nation. Sad you cannot admit your mistake and instead continue to play partisan games…

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