Ming-Chi Kuo ups iPhone Xr sales estimates on ‘better than expected’ demand

“Demand for the iPhone XR will be higher than demand for the iPhone 8 last year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reiterated in a note to investors this morning,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Kuo is predicting better than expected replacement demand for iPhone XR along with improved supply starting in October, leading him to revise his predicted shipment estimates.”

“Apple is now expected to ship 36 to 38 million iPhone XR units in the [calendar] fourth quarter of 2018, up 10 percent from an original estimate of 33 to 35 million units,” Clover reports. “With the revised XR shipment expectations, Kuo believes Apple will ship a total of 75 to 80 million iPhone units during 4Q2018.”

“iPhone XR shipments are also expected to be up in the [calendar] first quarter of 2019, a historically slow quarter for Apple,” Clover reports. “Quarter over quarter decline is expected to be at 25 to 30 percent instead of 45 to 50 percent for iPhone 8.”

iPhone Xr comes in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.
Apple’s A12 Bionic-powered iPhone Xr comes in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.

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MacDailyNews Take: Pent-up demand and a late start for iPhone Xr may lead to Apple’s best calendar Q1 (fiscal Q2) ever!


      1. Apple has way too many retail stores. Apple is definitely following Sears down an ugly path. It’s only a matter of time. I think there were already some analysts comparing Apple to Sears. Glory is fleeting. The Sears Tower was the beginning of the end for Sears. I’ve heard Apple Park is being called the new Sears Tower. Maybe Apple can start selling teeny Craftsman tools for iPhones and Macs.


  1. I am sure I am now notorious in this forum as an Apple basher, lol. But I am not a troll. I am increasingly skeptical about what Apple has been doing under Tim Cook. AS a long time Apple fan, I lament the loss of innocence or romanticism of Apple back in the days. It is apparent that Apple became a money monger. Apple products have always been high priced but I was always willing to pay it until a few years ago. What particularly bothers me is the extreme level of “hyping” that Apple is engaged. When X was announced last year, Apple was in full gear in “hyping it”, and for a short while, it did sell well through Holiday Season. But much touted super cycle never happened and when the holiday crazed died down, the top sales was quickly replaced by the 8/Plus, but even then, Tim Cook was deceiving us by saying something like X is selling through the roof (literal) etc. What a guy!
    I no longer believe Ming-Chi Kuo who I always suspected the Apple’s mouthpiece. But I do tend to believe that Xr might sell better, as Xs/Max are so outrageously overpriced and people are taking a pause to see what Xr (still overpriced) might. I live in Canada and maxed out Max for example is priced C$1999, yes $1999 folks! Apple is using a jacked up exchange rate as part of way to squeeze more money from us. In the real world where we have to pay the sales tax, it comes to C$2259! I am sure it’s the similar situation in countries like Australia.
    Then, when it comes to repair, screen damage for example cost us $365/Xs or $429/XsMax, for any other repair, $719/Xs and $779/XsMax. These are just examples. No wonder Apple can push Apple care at $249, making consumers believe it’s a good protection. These extended warranties usually become a net profit to providers as the percentage of people who actually end up using it is relatively low. But even with Apple Care, repair is not free, you still have to pay #39 for screen and $129 for other damages, per incident. These additional fee I suspect will cover actual parts cost anyway. What a greedy business and no wonder Apple’s Service biz expands yearly. I mean we are happy that Apple have Apple Store in strategic and accessible locations that are really handy, which costs. But as Trump said on his Airforce One, I want Boeing (Apple) to make money but not that much.
    I believe Apple is too carried away in becoming too greedy by maximizing the profit under Tim Cook, concentrating only on mass consumer commodity items, the iPhone. Still as an Apple fan, I hope Apple can sustain the iPhone business with Xr. But seems are gradually opening here and there, spilling many ugly things in front of consumers, and Tim Cook should really return to sanity…and pronto!

      1. Obviously a comment, which happened to become long (out of frustration). It annoyed you, sorry. But due to sensitive nature, I had to place some facts to convey my points, not making it a whining essay/blog.

  2. “Seems” are gradually opening up→”seams” are…..
    Sorry for missing phrase/texts or typos etc.
    The result of typing away without proofreading.
    Hope everything else is oll korrect.

  3. How is Apple doing in India, the world largest democracy. All of a sudden Timmy seems to go silent on India, was it not the 2nd coming for Apple as the largest untapped market. I said leave India to Android, where are these Indian supporters now?

    1. Bro, I thought Apple was going to be able to sell iPhones to some of those Hindu goddesses with multiple arms. They’d be able to carry three or four iPhones at one time. Unfortunately, all those lovely arms and hands are going to be using Android smartphones. They could get 6 Android smartphones for the price of one iPhone XS Max. Talk about multi-tasking.

      Apple is done for in India. There’s nothing Tim Cook can say or do to convince Indian consumers to buy iPhones. And it’s probably just as well. No Indian citizen should spend a year’s salary on a smartphone. That makes no sense at all. Besides, I’d heard that the main thing Indians splurge their money on is gold chains, rings and bracelets. That gold will carry full value much, much longer than any iPhone.

  4. It is different in term of cultures and religions between those two countries. Chinese tends to splurge in every opportunity all through year, especially Luna New Year. While Indian is very much price sensitive with strict culture and religions. That’s the reason why every companies rush to have business in China.

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