Apple patent application reveals ‘movie package file format’

“Apple wants to make it easier to watch homemade videos or videos bought/rented at the iTunes Store on its various device,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today. “The tech giant has file for a patent (number 20180295398) for a ‘movie package file format.'”

“In the patent filing, Apple notes that video and/or audio content is constantly being accessed by users of various handheld and computing devices whether that data is purchased, rented, or requested for download from a server, exchanged between users as in a video conference call, or published for sharing with friends and family,” Sellers reports.

“However, given the variety of devices that may access given media content, and the limitations of the multiple and various networks used for accessing and exchanging that media content, multiple versions of the same content are often created and stored,” Sellers reports. “Apple says that, accordingly, there’s a need in the art for a flexible and adaptable movie package file format that provides for easy access to any one of the multiple different video streams for use at different display systems. Such a file format provides for systems and methods that create and access video data in a more user-friendly and resource friendly manner, the company adds.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This certainly sounds like it would be a useful tool for delivering streaming content to a wide variety of devices.

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  1. When iTunes will allow users to rip a bluray/dvd like you can a CD and offer it to your devices, I will be impressed. This process now can be done, but it takes forever to do… and You have to do a ton of work-arounds for it to work.

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