Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro Leaks in crystal-clear images

“Apple is said to be planning a major press event focused on a new iPad Pro later this month,” Don Reisinger reports for Laptop Mag. “And now, some leaked images are shedding light on its rumored design.”

“The renders, which were published online by serial leaker Benjamin Geskin, show an iPad Pro with thin bezels all around,” Reisinger reports. “Most notably, the iPad in the picture doesn’t have a Home button.”

“Apple’s handsets ship with a notch at the top of the screen,” Reisinger reports. “The iPad Pro in the images, however, show a slate that ditches the notch in favor of a simple black bezel all around.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Die, Home button anachronism, die! Goodbye, hideous notch, too, you inelegant kludge!

iPad Pro X and iPad Pro X Max?


  1. If this image is indeed a rendering, it’s an example of why the Software Engineering Priesthood should never have released rendering programs to the general public, and why an initiation in religious practices was first instituted.

    1. Don’t worry. You’ll get a Mac Pro announcement no later than 13 months from now with at least the lowest end variant starting to ship in extremely limited quantities no later than 31 December 2019. It only takes Apples crack team to do in 34+ months what much smaller companies do in under six months, right?

      The future of the Mac mini is even murkier.

      But don’t be concerned. Tim is right on it. Just look at the latest reports: overall PC sales are up 0.1% according to one of the two major reporting groups. Meanwhile Mac sales are down by over 5%.

      Tim’s doing a fantastic job for Mac users! He’s definitely leading the team to produce Macs people want to buy!

      (extreme sarcasm strongly put forth here)

      1. Thanks for the optimistic prognosis!

        How much more can Tim & Co. do to hurt the very brand device that is the very foundation of the company? Effectively we have been Mac Orphans as the company rolls in dough and the executives are much too busy counting their stock divesture profits with glee to bother with our expectations – which if met would result in even higher profits for the fruity company. Got enough of the filthy green stuff already it appears.

  2. How long must I, an iPad 2017 owner, suffer with a Home Button?

    No one told me at the time that I was consigning myself to years and years of inferior iPadding experiences…oh, how bitter my tears!

    I’ll just console myself by continuing to use it, Home Button and all, for I am not a delicate flower harmed by the evil Button.

  3. Thursday, November 9 ???

    November 9 fell on Thursday last year 2017.

    Since Apple does absolutely nothing arbitrarily, I wonder what the significance is of this particular date.

  4. I’m assuming if this is a legit shot that the date on the iPad is it’s release date (11/9). That would lead to a 10/30 or 10/31 event, 11/2 preorder, and 11/9 delivery.

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