Jim Cramer: Apple and Salesforce partnership is so big, people should pay more for both stocks

Jim Cramer on CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ this morning said:

Let’s say you go into a Marriott and it’s on a Salesforce platform (they’re all customers of salesforce). You come in and there’s an Apple device that talks to you and it says to you, “Do you want your usual paper, your usual breakfast?”

That is Apple getting right in, I think blocking Google, really blocking Amazon (longtime partner of Salesforce).

Salesforce and Apple have not historically worked all that well together. This is very, very big when it comes to cooperation. Very big when it comes to, i say, Apple’s best attempt to really be able to go into the enterprise.

This is also a belief [of] Marc Benioff[‘s] in Siri… Siri is now on par [with Amazon’s Alexa]. This is a very significant deal… Now Apple is integral to the Salesforce package and vice versa… [This is] so big that I think that people should pay more for both stocks.

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  1. If it were Amazon and Salesforce, it would be like a dozen hurricanes are coming news. Amazon’s share price would go through the roof and end up somewhere near the ISS. However, we’re talking about Apple and Salesforce and it’s not going to do anything in the way of boosting Apple or Saleforce’s value. I personally don’t think there’s any joint partnership which Apple is a part of is going to increase it’s value. Apple had so much cash and should have been forming many enterprise partnerships over the years, especially knowing that increasing iPhone sales was coming to an end. It’s as though Apple never saw that huge wall and the world had become mainly Android’s playground.

    It’s very kind of Cramer to make a big deal out of this partnership but I think it will be completely overlooked and Apple’s value will remain the same or should I say, well below how other major tech companies are valued. Apple can do many things but has yet to figure out how to persuade investors to happily pay more for the privilege of owning Apple like they do with Amazon.

    Apple could build some really decent enterprise devices but I guess the profit margins wouldn’t be in Apple’s sweet spot. Maybe it’s a whole lot easier to drain consumers’ wallets while major corporations won’t fall for that sort of thing Apple is selling.

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