David Pogue reviews Apple’s iOS 12: If you have an X-class iPhone, it’s a really good upgrade

“Time for another free, annual release of iOS 12, Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads,” David Pogue writes for Yahoo Finance.

“WCCFTech.com created a set of videos like this one [below], comparing iOS 12 with iOS 11, one iPhone model at a time, one operation at a time,” Pogue writes. “It’s fairly hypnotic, but you get the idea: Most things are a little faster.”

Pogue writes, “New zip to older phones? That’s quite a gift.”

“In Settings -> Siri & Search, there’s a huge list of Shortcuts: Canned commands like ‘Get directions to [your address],’ ‘Create a note called [whatever],’ ‘View recent photos,’ ‘Check GOOG price,’ ‘Record a new voice memo,’ and so on,” Pogue writes. “IYou can record any Siri command you want for them. You can make ‘Siri, you gettin’ this?’ trigger the ‘Record a new voice memo” button. Or ‘How’m I doing?’ will show you the Dow Jones stock index at the moment.”

“Other apps can put their own Siri commands into this list, too,” Pogue writes. “And so can you, thanks to a new iOS 12 app called Shortcuts. It lets you create your own, multi-step macros, each triggered by whatever spoken command you want. That’s all brought to you by a new app called Shortcuts… The possibilities are endless and staggering. ‘Post last photo to Instagram.’ ‘Tweet this song.’ ‘Photos to GIF’ (creates an animated GIF from your last five photos). And my personal favorite, something I’ve always wanted: ‘Pic to Nicki.’ It sends the most recent photo I took to my wife, without any futzing or tapping.”

“If the iOS 12 upgrade has an overarching theme, it might be ‘automating repetitive routines.’ Or ‘augmented reality,’ or ‘working on our iPhone addiction,'” Pogue writes. “Or ‘offering enough new features that one or two of them will hit you where you live, and make you glad you’ve got an iPhone.’ In any case, it’s a good upgrade; Apple hasn’t made anything worse. If you have an X-class iPhone, it’s a really good upgrade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Have you built a Siri Shortcut, yet? If so how did it work (or not) for you?


  1. iOS 12 updated on a SE iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 7, IPad Air2, iPad Pro. They all work super fast. No problems to date. Love the update. Not sure about the update on Pages and Numbers. The menus are too spread out vertically and don’t have the simple grids to keep the actions apart.
    Love the new Drawing Tools in Notes and in Pages. In Number I wish the drawing tools attached to a cell, instead of floating above the cell horizontally.
    Way to go Apple !!!

  2. iOS 12 changed what was a very simple operation to change from front camera to rear camera in a FaceTime call to a very difficult operation in which you are likely to think you disconnected the call. I think maybe Al Gore came up with this enhancement.

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