California Apple Store is robbed twice in less than 24 hours

“The Apple Store crime spree continues in California,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“While another Apple Store robbery in the state may not be a shock, the number of times this particular store has been robbed certainly is,” Dormehl reports. “Monday’s robbery of the Apple Store in Roseville marked the fourth time in 20 days that the outlet has been burglarized — and the second in just 24 hours!”

“Apple Store robberies in California are becoming alarmingly common. Other locations to be targeted include Emeryville, Santa Rosa, Marin County and Fresno,” Dormehl reports. “Apple has tried to make its display items unattractive to thieves by installing special versions of its software on display devices. They stop working if a demo unit is stolen from a store. However, this strategy seems not to be working.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These criminas are obviously stripping the devices and selling off the parts, as thats the only way they’d have value after being bricked by Apple.

Some other form of deterrent is obviously warranted, at least in California.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. but let’s abolish ICE. and let’s celebrate ‘sanctuary cities’. and let’s not replace that 10foot southern border fence that has holes in it with a 30foot steel and concrete wall. Nope- we’ll just put armed guards everywhere; malls, schools, churches and of course- have strict gun control laws so no ‘bad’ people have them. Hey, we outlawed heroin- see, no drug problem,

  1. This is our dystopian future, where roaming hordes strip helpless citizens of their possessions and drag them from their comfortable homes into the street. Hide your wallets and your women as best you can. But really, there is no escape.

  2. Jeez. Just imagine a couple of armed wannabe cops who are either trigger happy or scared sh*tless, firing off rounds at people running through a store that is full of customers. Some of those people holding computers or iPads or whatever would be genuine customers just trying to get out of the way. What an incredible recipe for disaster. Thank God Apple has more sense than the posters on here.

    1. Actually posting an armed and UNIFORMED cop outside the store or near entry will most likely deter most of these thugs.

      Otherwise at some point a customer WILL get injured and it will be on Apple to explain why they didn’t provide better security.

      1. The Burlingame store does have uniformed guards standing by the door and it was robbed anyway. On weekends I’ve seen a police car parked outside the front door.

        I guess they could glue steel cables to the phones.

        1. The Corte Madera store also had guards outside. They did not interfere – they’d obviously been told that their job was to be a deterrent, not to try to tackle the thieves. The bad guys know full well Apple wouldn’t authorize guards to use any sort of weapon in the store, so TowerTone’s suggestion wouldn’t do a thing to deter them.

          1. Ineffective policy, why bother? We all know damn well accomplished thrives already know this. If you are not going to back law enforcement then take what you deserve. I won’t shed a tear ..,

  3. Tim Cook can single handedly reimburse all of the robbed Apple Stores from his astronomical salary all by himself. I say that the CEO of any top investment or top manufacturing company is overpaid and overly compensated. That CEO position is where one can find the most egregious robber because they always steal – and of course get away with it legally because their gang writes the laws – from the underpaid worker always; That’s the nature of Capitalism and pathological reliance on market forces to guide morality.

    But there have always been desperate robbers in times of disparity, the grandest of whom become heroes especially if there’s a human interest story behind them: Black Bart, Robin Hood, Bonnie & Clyde, Vito Corleone, etc. They even make movies about them.

    The problem with the Apple Store robbers is that they have no one to write romantic narratives about their exploits.

    We can expect more and more robberies and, of course, concomitant oppression, as economic disparity grows in most of the West but most strikingly in the US where it can’t make enough jails so it subcontracts penal colonies where, outrageously, the administration’s internal communication system does not even employ iPhones or iMacs.

  4. Is this store close to an exit? Are the others? Proximity to an escape route may be what makes particular locations attractive to thieves. Also, California seems to have a laid-back attitude about crime (I don’t live there, just going by what I’ve heard). If true, the risk reduction (for the perps) would also be an inducement. Finally, are the devices truly bricked? Could a sophisticated outfit hack them back to life (Frankenbricks!)

  5. Glass Everywhere – Gate Crashers SUCK! They Ruin EVERYTHING!

    If You Do Not Have A Ticket… DON’T COME.

    Scumbags, Leaches, … Pathetic CA. Bureaucrats. Straw ban? What about all the free needles littering the streets.. mmmk. Can everybody SAY PLASTIC. Good LORD.

  6. Yes^
    Plastic hearts and plastic brains in the socialists that commandeered the state government forty years ago and have it and us in a chokehold.

    It gets more pitiful by the week. If “any twosome Newsom” wins, we’re outta here.

    1. I say this in the most caring and friendly way: Grab all of your Apple gear and move to Socialist Texas which refuses to collect enough state taxes from its citizens so it mooches off of the Fed. gov. (to which states such as CA contribute disproportionally) to run its state services.

      Let’s review: Poor states like Texas mooch off of wealthy states.

      But I don’t mind because I like helping out the needy.

      1. I don’t appreciate all the taxes that flowed up to my doorstep like slurry when I moved to California a couple of years ago. It wasn’t like that when I resided in New Mexico. But I’ll pay the added cost of freight because it’s beautiful country, even after all the devastating forest fires, and is a remarkable collective culture, expansive and diverse, with sky-high aspirations and the wealth to reach them. Even though it is wilfully underrepresented in the House of Representatives, it stands tall against the predations of weaker states and the Feds. Out here, it still seems like the frontier, with boundless possibilities. In contrast New York City, in my several visits, seemed finished, or finished off. Your mileage may vary.

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