6.1-inch ‘iPhone XC’ leak shows dual SIMs, color varieties; 2018 iPhone lineup price list leaked

“There’s been plenty of buzz around the iPhone XS ahead of Apple’s September 12th event, but what about the rumored 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, the more affordable device of the bunch?” Jon Fingas reports for Engadget.

“A leaker has posted photos of what are claimed to be prototypes of the device, possibly called the ‘iPhone XC,'” Fingas reports. “The basic design isn’t shocking — we’ve seen the glass back and single rear camera before on dummy units. This latest leak, however, shows a variety of colors that include white, space gray (here appearing slightly blue), rose gold and… red.”

Fingas reports, “One of the photos also appears to show dual SIM slots, supporting talk that at least one 2018 iPhone variant would offer the feature.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Geskin today also tweeted the 2018 iPhone lineup price list:


  1. If accurate, thus is a model and price offering combo that will carve up market share in a way that won’t make Android handset makers happy – putting it mildly.

    1. II don’t see this obsession with making phones bigger and bigger. Use an iPad if large screen is required. A phone wants to be highly portable and comfortably fit iin pants pocket

  2. 512GB Xs Max. In 2015 I Had a tailor modify all my left breast pockets (always wearing a double breasted button flap flannel shirt) to fit Plus phones for only $5 a shirt. Doesn’t seem too big to me.

    Need the max storage for both Podcasts and albums. This will be the ultimate iPod Touch for me.

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