Tesla shares crash after Elon Musk smokes pot on live web show, exhibits other bizarre behavior

“Investors should be focusing on Tesla’s growing sales and ambitious plans to reinvent the American automotive world,” Paul R. La Monica writes for CNN. “Instead, they are watching CEO Elon Musk smoke a blunt with Joe Rogan.”

“They’re looking at an easy punchline for comedians, a man who’s become a walking Page Six item,” La Monica writes. “They’re seeing rapper Azealia Banks’ bizarre Instagram posts alleging that she was in Musk’s house while he tweeted on acid, reading him tearfully talking to The New York Times about his Ambien use and making baseless accusations about a diver in the Thai cave rescue.”

“It’s an even bigger problem considering the brain drain that’s now going on at Tesla. Chief accounting officer Dave Morton is leaving Tesla after just a month on the job, citing concerns about ‘the level of public attention placed on the company,'” La Monica writes. “Bloomberg reported Friday that chief people officer Gaby Toledano, who has been on a leave of absence, will not come back to Tesla either.”

“All of this wackiness is taking its toll on Tesla’s stock. Shares fell about 6% Friday. They are now down more than 15% this year and are more than 30% below the all-time high they hit last year,” La Monica writes. “‘At times, Musk appears to be working against himself,’ Munster wrote. ‘At the core, we believe he wants to prove his doubters wrong, but many of his actions strengthen the case against him.’ Musk should delete his Twitter account, stop talking about the Thai rescuer and not use pot in a public setting, Munster said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “At the core, we believe he wants to prove his doubters wrong, but many of his actions strengthen the case against him. [He] should delete his Twitter account…”

Hmm, that reminds us of someone else, too, but we just can’t place the name…

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    1. What a load of judgemental garbage. American media just needs headlines constantly.

      Elon Musk is Elon Musk. Nothing changes there. I was never bullish on Tesla and have followed them since they were founded. I said this 10 years ago: Tesla is dead and will never make it long-term because the big automakers will crush them on technology and price.

      And this is exactly what is going to play out and is playing out. Take the Hyundai electric Kona hitting dealerships in North America in a few months. I’ve seen real world tests of 450 km range. That vehicle will cost $35,000 USD. Tesla cannot compete with this.

      Then more electrics are set to flood the market in this affordable range in the next 18 months.

    2. Ofcourse not !…. he is much better… both as a human and an inovatior… he does not gobble up everyone else’s credit…. he does not fuck partners… and he does not fondle his wife(or alike) and make his daughter( or alike ) watch as family time entertainment…
      And he does not call everyone including his customers ‘clueless bozos…’
      He actually respects people.

      Jobs was a full of shit marketer Above anything else.. … with charisma. ( blind fan boys go ahead and freak out, deny all evidence…. like lemming libs do.. )

      It is mind boggling how thight ass , intolerant, close minded dinosaurs are freaking out over nothing… ( mostly Lemming libs ..’the progressive elites’ lol )

      Its unbelievable how naive and delusional some are about how the world goes around outside of their dogmatic misguided tight ass Beliefs.

      Musk is the real deal… and mediocre minds are freaking out.

      As the famous quote from Einstsien goes:

      ” Great Spirits are always encountered with violent opposition from Mediocre minds ”

      Sigh… sad… sad .. sad.

  1. Elon is going to get throttled down by the board of directors because he has become a liability.

    It would not surprise me in the least if they put in a replacement for him and just minimize Elon’s work load. Too strung out as it is.

  2. it doesn’t look so good. we’re complicated, bioelectric, multi-faceted beings and need to be grounded. we didn’t evolve in an urban environment. better to bring in some tai chi or yoga. he’s an exceptional guy and it’s sad to see him on display doing something so dimwitted, then, again, i’ve witnessed myself do a thousand stupid things and seen him do one. it took nebuchadnezzar seven years to get things right, maybe, mr musk just needs a vacation from the urban life. he’s human, i give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. THIS is the man that certain MDN commenters nominated, not long ago, to replace Tim Cook as Apple CEO? — HELL yeah! Cook’s tweets and public behaviour are bland, plodding, uninspiring. Musk’s actions are bold, provocative and risky. Deep down, we prefer celebrities who entertain us with fireworks and showmanship to guys who can quietly and reliably deliver the goods. Augustus or Justinian, meh. Caligula and Nero, now that’s more like it.

    1. I watched the entire interview. People are blowing this way out of proportion. 1) he took one drag off the blunt, because he wanted to see what it tasted like (the combination of tobacco and weed that Joe was touting was so good) and 2) he absolutely said he did it because it was as legal as the whiskey he was drinking.

      1. Agreed- this is a NON-STORY portrayed in many outlets with a misleading headline! There is a plot for negative publicity to drive down TSLA- same way negative Apple stories get easy traction. Stock dips a little and bounces back. In the case of TSLA I believe the shorts are influencing the news. I bought more TLSA at 261 yesterday and we are about to put in our Model 3 order. Elon is not a whack job- but right now anything negative is click bait.

        1. USA’s mindset is not set in what actually happens….
          The Powerful will paint reality as they wish… and the herd and the ones in the chaos of their stressed life will just listen and follow.
          They dont have the time and/or the independence of thought to filter the reality…..
          Perception is reality… and the media paints the perception for most .
          The powerful bank on this! And media is nothing more than their tentacles , the mechanism to brainwash …. …. the minds of the busy… the minds of the trusting naive.
          And media is 90% biased left…
          So u do the math of the brain feed.

          Not one thing Trump has done can even come anywhere close to being discriminatory beyond enforcing the rule of law ( legal immigration)
          And level playing field economically….
          And standing up to bullies and tell them we mean business.! ….
          And oh boy has buisneiss been dealt with ! so quickly and effectively compared to the previous Admin’s bs talk and no walk!.
          There is Not one economic stat that has not gone through the roof since his watch.. and every american has benefited!
          Yet the left brainwashers through their media… paint a picture that is so contrary..
          Why ?
          Becouse there is a free spirit in the cottage in charge …… outside of their control, polluting their realm and threatening their grip, their contol/power structure and establishments.
          Truth is not to their advantage… and they will resort to antthing to hold on to their grip,. ( think Hillary )
          Its massivly crooked, sick and obvious … yet The Herd folllows,..
          Wake up America…………. /world

  3. I like that Trump keeps his twitter account. An important daily reminder that he is an uninformed jackass with the reasoning skills of a fifth grader. We should preserve the thing in the National Archives to be filed as “the Best of the GOP circa 2018.”

    1. Not sure where THAT comment came from but I’m glad he’s got it too.

      Keeps uninformed people like you looking at one hand while he does the magic with the other.

      I would’ve NEVER thought a President (let alone Donald Trump) could get as much done as he has in such a short period of time.

      So yes, keep your eye on the side show while the main stage performs Thus Spake Zarathustra

      1. Right on Tower Tone. He wasn’t my first, second or even third choice for the nomination. But I voted for him because the alternative was suicide. Trump has definitely accomplished more good for the county than any President since Reagan. People might know if the Left, supported by the NYT, WaPo, LA Times, etc, weren’t working overtime to overload all information channels with misinformation and the suppression of the accomplishments. I’ve followed politics for decades and have never witnessed the level of mendacity that passes for news today.

        1. Solid points, but I do hope you wouldn’t condone curtailing freedom of the press in order to purify the media. If there ever was a slippery slope, that’s it. Historically, control of mass media is an autocrat’s primary mechanism of control. Mendacity is far more deplorable in government than it is in the fourth estate, wouldn’t you agree?

          1. There is no “curtailing freedom of the press”.
            Come on, you’re way smarter than that.

            What has been discussed for 2 years (way, WAY longer by Conservatives) is disinformation, bad information, fake information or blackout of information by the mainstream media.

            Freedom of the press does not give one freedom to regulate the truth as far too many news outlets do. I’m not interested in the Fox, WSJ and Limbaugh trifecta tit-for-tat against the rest of the media and who lies the most, I’m interested in the President having a bully pulpit to call out the bullshit regurgitated every day by the Democrat/NYT/CNN playbook.

            But if you really want to scream media manipulation by Trump curtailing the press, then again the often under-reported facts were way worse under Obama. Ironically the media that claims Trump is trying to destroy them for their continuous blathering about Russia while ignoring real stories with facts like Hilary’s State Dept/campaign and Obama’s DOJ are the same ones who suffered under their false god…


            To me, the fact that news media whines constantly about the President being unfair (while they do exactly what he describes they do and have for decades) and people are more interested in buying their stories instead of checking their facts tell me it is high time they are called out in the loudest and more harsh terms. Disseminating lies of the magnitude they do to mislead the nation in collaboration with one party really DOES make them an enemy of the people.

          2. While I agree that no government action should ever be taken to curtail or “purify” the press, I do not agree with your last question fully.
            The Big question is, when you say government, which government to you mean? The ones we vote for, or the larger government of unelected civil servants? The ones who actually account for about 80% of laws we are required to live by. The ones we as citizens have utterly no control over?

            Those politicians that we elect are known to stretch the truth, or at least you should know. The number one job of a politician is incumbency. In order to achieve that goal they must tell people what they want to hear. So anyone wise enough will take everything they say with a grain of salt.

            The fourth estate, however, has a job of reporting the actions in the world around us. We form opinions based on the belief in that reporting. When the fourth estate lies by commission or omission they are party to manipulating perceptions and opinions. That is an abuse of their Bill of Rights protection, and dereliction of duty. I see that are a far worse abuse of trust. The government has no business curtailing abuse in evidence every day, but that doesn’t mean that “we the people” shouldn’t call them to task.

            That said, it is the mendacity on full display by the entrenched bureaucracies within government that is the worst of all. Newspapers, the internet, and broadcast news can lie, or abuse the truth by shuffling facts to fit a narrative of their choosing, all day long and make fools more foolish, but they cannot directly harm me. Faceless, unaccountable government bureaucracies, on the other hand, can directly put the hurt on me through minor nuisances up to the soul crushing, life crushing actions that can be taken by the IRS, which can destroy the life of any individual it chooses to focus on.

            In summary, in order of deplorability where mendacity is involved, I vote:
            1. Civil Service Bureaucracies
            2. Fourth Estate
            3. Politicians

  4. I have never seen this long interview of Elon. Actually, he came across as much more stoic guy than I thought he was.
    Our Timiddy Cook is a boring supply chain manager, constantly testing the envelope on the limit of pricing, and mostly with phone, with no forward thinking of any kind. Elon, OTOH, with all criticisms aside, looks to be an “executioner” type of a guy. Wild ideas (PayPal, Tesla to Space X etc. Yes, sometime too wild for us, ordinary mortals), but he actually executes things. Give him Apple’s money and Tim’s position with good moderating directors, he might shine. Much better than a do little but maximize profit type of a guy with no interesting dreams.
    Musk, Bezos, Ellison and gosh, Gates and of course Jobs are all founding CEO from humble beginning with drive and fire in their heart. Tim? No.

    1. he can’t possibly short his own stock as an obvious insider.

      perhaps he is daring the shorts to make increasingly big bets for October knowing they are going to get slaughtered when Tesla releases quarterly sales #’s.

  5. CNN calls losing an accountant and an HR person brain drain? These people are replaceable. They do not make cars or invent technology. Let’s keep out eye on the prize.

    Elon is facing the exact same stockbroker / accountant BS that Steve faced right up until a couple years before his death. Repeat, counting money does not make cars.

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