Apple’s iPhone X nears perfection with iOS 12

“When the iPhone X launched, it was such a drastic redesign it was great, but still similar to a first-generation product with a host of little frustrations that needed to be worked out over time,” Andrew O’Hara writes for AppleInsider. “With iOS 12, Apple has done just that, finally making the iPhone X what it was meant to be.”

“There is a considerable speed improvement while unlocking the iPhone X with Face ID, and if it fails, a swipe up now will re-scan your face. It’s much more convenient in both regards,” O’Hara writes. “Family members can also now register multiple faces to unlock a single device.”

“The app switcher also was a point of contention. It required users to swipe up from the bottom to access, then hold on an app card until an X appeared in the top left corner before they could be closed,” O’Hara writes. “Speed, a common thread here in iOS 12, has increased when accessing the app switcher in the update, and apps can be force quit just with a simple swipe up, no longer requiring the hold.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X is indeed better, even faster and more fluid with iOS 12, but we cannot wait to move on to Apple’s forthcoming 6.5-inch iPhone as iPhone X is just a bit too small (too narrow mostly) for us.

Now, three words for our beloved interns (TTK) and everyone else:

National Beer Day!


  1. MDN, you crack me up. When the iPhone X released last year it was the perfect phone and you would never own another the perfect size you would never own another and now you’re already for the big ass brick

    1. After the New-New iPhX, MDN’ers will only be able to shop at Larry’s for Big and Tall Men, because they have the only pockets to handle the iPhablet. Either that, or overalls for the workers on lower MDN pay scale.

      1. Comments like that ignore one little-noticed fact:
        the new iPhone X Max, or whatever it’s finally called, is almost precisely the total size of my total iPhone 7+. To put it another way, the Max’s screen is a tiny, tiny bit smaller than the total 7+ — and adding the micro-bezel increases the size, well, almost microscopically. If you have a 7+ or 8+, check the diagonal corner-to-corner glass measurement for yourself — 6.5″ — and add a bit for bezels! I wouldn’t be amazed to find that the Max screen is actually a tiny fraction under 6.5″ and the whole thing proves to be almost exactly size-comparable a 7- or 8-+. So, anyone who could handle an 7+ in his/her pocket or in other carrying spaces will do just fine with their 10 Max.
        P.S. – I found the original Chicken Little more interesting.

  2. On Day 1, I thought the prevailing opinion was that it was DOA. Nobody would buy one. Apple was failing, headed for the dumper. The problem was the weird NOTCH. It was the most-grotesque screen ever to come out of Cupertino. Not one in ten wanted to be seen with one in his/her possession. What changed? Has amnesia gripped the fan club?

      1. Trolling, it seems to me, has become an occupation, even a calling, for otherwise dead-end B-schoolers and high-school dropouts. For losers, the internet is a boon, a conduit for their anonymous excretions which could go viral at any moment! – because on this populous planet so many other excrescency lovers hover in cyberspace waiting, just waiting, for the tumescent taglines that can engorge their imaginations and get them to join in, creating threads in a tapestry of condemnation.

        1. Is the “thread” (trolling as you note) the same as FB’s Sean Parker stated of his own creation:

          it’s a “social validation feedback loop”?

          waiting, engorging, joining, hovering…yes sometimes to condemn, but always affirm, confirm, “validate” oneself.

          Nice proposal. It’s a “serious” cultural reality that I think about often.

    1. The notch has been irrelevant for me since day one. I do want the wider iPhone though, the X is narrower than my old 6+. Better Face ID will be a welcome upgrade in iOS12, i’ve been sleeping and waking the phone to force Face ID to make another scan when it fails to do so. Faster or more convenient than Touch ID it is not.

  3. it’s funny all the whiners on here INCLUDING MDN!!! The notch disappeared after using the phone for the first hour….and I don’t use my phone for entertainment …I use my iPad for that…who in the hell want to put a Flat Screen in their pocket???

  4. I “may” buy the smallest X this year, depending on many other factors. I do not think the notch would bother me, as folks say it would all disappear after getting used to. But then, I am worried about remaining “horns”.

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