How to use the extra features packed into Apple’s tiny AirPods

“Yes, AirPods are clearly for playing music but you can rapidly choose where that audio comes from — and just what happens when you tap on the AirPods,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider.

“You can be listening to music moments after you first put AirPods into your ear and we may never get used to how great that is,” Gallagher writes. “However, just because they are designed so that you can pop them in and go, it doesn’t mean this is all they can do.”

“AirPods don’t have screens and they don’t have tangible buttons. But, the AirPods themselves and the charging case are replete with functions,” Gallagher writes. “You can edit touch controls so that a tap on your right AirPod plays the next track while a tap on the left one calls up Siri.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know, we assign double-tap left AirPod to go back one track and double-tap right AirPod to go forward one track so we can easily move through our playlist while running with Apple Watch + AirPods only (no iPhone during runs), but every so often the AirPods just seems to lose these settings and revert to their default. We’re not sure why. The AirPods never lose power completely and they always go back into their case to recharge after each day’s run. We’re not sure what’s going on there. Any ideas?


    1. I’ve had my airpods since release date and I don’t have any battery issues. I still get 3-5 hours of constantly listening before returning them to the charging case which holds a solid 24 hour charge. I’ve even recently purchased a second pair so I can pop one pair in the case to charge and pop the other in my ear to continue listening.

  1. Device switching could be considerably improved between iPad and iPhone. There should be choices such as: if paired with (choose device from drop down menu) and this device (choose device from drop down menu) becomes active AirPods will switch to (choose device from drop down menu).

    The problem I’m having is whenever I’m using AirPods with my iPad or iMac or MBP, my iPhone is nearby, but I can’t answer it from the AirPods without manually switching devices. By then, the call is gone. I dont use the other devices to take or make calls over WiFi. Would it help if I did?

    Also, if connection with iPad is active and I leave it at home and later try to take a call on iPhone, it should already be connected to the AirPods which I’m still wearing. In other words, if present connection is lost, the AirPods should search, at least once, for your previously paired devices that are in close proximity. This would usually be the iPhone or iWatch, but should also be User chosen via a final drop down menu.

  2. I think the setting need to be more dynamic and usage aware. Example, AirPods should know when im listening to music and use my music settings. They should know what when a call interrupts my music that im now in a call and allow me separate settings for that. Now a right double tab doesn’t skip a track, but instead mutes and unmutes my call.

  3. Love mine but I have the same issues with them every so often defaulting back to the original settings. Also they don’t always switch between devices as quickly as they should, even needing a device reboot to get them to work. Minor frustrations for an otherwise fantastic product.

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