Turn your old Apple Watch into real cash in time for an upgrade

“This year’s Apple Watch refresh could be the biggest yet,” Killian Bell writes for Cult of Mac. “With rumors surrounding a new design and a larger edge-to-edge display, every smartwatch wearer is going to want to upgrade.”

“You could sell your Apple Watch on eBay. You could list it on Craigslist. You could even sell it to the likes of Gazelle. But you shouldn’t!” Bell writes. “These services either require a lot of effort, or they only pay a fraction of what your Apple Watch is really worth. To make good money quickly, you’re better off selling to Cult of Mac.”

“We’ve teamed up with the folks at MyPhones Unlimited to ensure our readers get the best price for their old Apple Watch,” Bell writes. “We pay more than Amazon, GameStop, Gazelle, and others — and we make the process quick and simple… Cult of Mac pays real cash — and fast! What’s more, we’ll even buy broken Apple Watches in need of repair, and we promise that nothing goes to landfill.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Time to think about getting ready for Apple Watch Series 4!


  1. Surprisingly high offers. 🙂 Good option for an Apple Watch.

    The rest of the prices are not great compared to sellmymac.com. Not shilling for them… I was just surprised by how lowball the offers on CultOfMac were. I just sold a MacBook Pro to sellmymac.com — pretty clean transaction, and they’re offering almost twice what I see on CultOfMac.

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